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  1. JetFlyr

    Natural Gut Breaking at Parnell Knot

    I recently had a customer who broke a main of freshly strung bed of VS Touch 16g broke at a Parnell knot tie-off. I've uploaded some pictures. I don't string a lot of natural gut--probably less than 10% of what I do. I was careful not to tighten the knots as much as I do with synthetic gut...
  2. JetFlyr

    FS: Wilson Six.One 95 Prostaffs (3xL5) (1xL3)

    Cleaning out the closet and I have 4 Wilson Six.One 95 ProStaffs to sell. All of them have been leaded up in various states that I will try to outline below. All of them are in comparable shape, I'd rate them as 7.5 with minor head rash and paint chips. None of them are cracked and they have...
  3. JetFlyr

    From Wilson Pro Staff 95 6.0 original to Yonex VCORE Tour G 310 or 330?

    I'm a 45 year old long time Wilson ProStaff 6.0 95 Original player (4.5 level), looking for a little more power now as I get older. The prices now are great on the Yonex VCORE Tour G 310 and 330 models. Last night, I hit with a friend's 330 and it felt nice. I haven't hit with the 310...
  4. JetFlyr

    Recommend smooth round poly 1.10-1.18mm

    In the past year, I've had the opportunity to playtest Gamma iO 19g (1.10) and Prince XT 18g (1.10). I really enjoyed these copoly strings and noticed significant improvement to my game. Durability was not an issue, and I experienced no elbow pain like I have previously with some thicker and...
  5. JetFlyr

    Timing of Racquet Stringing for Tour-level players

    I have a question for the tour level stringers on our forum: Let's say a player is scheduled for a match "Not before 1:00 p.m." The player usually has a warm-up sometime around 10:30-11:00 a.m. or so. When will that player/coach have dropped off the racquets, and when will they have been...
  6. JetFlyr

    Surprised to see this novice stringing error on Tennis Warehouse television spot....

    I snapped this picture of a Tennis Warehouse equipment spot on the Tennis Channel May 8th, 2016, at 2:30p EDT (sorry for the poor quality). I'm surprised that TW would allow such a glaring error to be broadcast to an audience of millions. Thoughts?
  7. JetFlyr

    Gamma 6004 with WISE 2086 tension head

    For sale is a Gamma 6004 upright stringing machine with a Wise 2086 tension head (Gamma adapter and foot pedal included). Both the Gamma and the Wise are in very good condition and have been well maintained. The Wise had the load-cell, a magnet, and power receptacle replaced in 2015 so the...
  8. JetFlyr

    Some questions about the "Yonex Loop."

    I'd like to start a discussion about the so-called Yonex Loop, so I'll start by asking a few questions. This post only applies as it pertains to tennis racquets, not badminton racquets. Is it used on the tour by the main stringing teams? Is there a concern about the blocked holes it creates...
  9. JetFlyr


    Beware Drew Vonstetten After I posted that I was looking for a used stringing machine, He tried to solicit me to buy his used Alpha Ghost Stringing machine. He sent 8 very nice photos, and it looked legitimate until I did a Google search and saw that all of those...
  10. JetFlyr

    Alpha Ghost Stringing Machine

    Please contact me if you have an Alpha Ghost and are interested in selling for a fair price. ss8753 at ya h oo dot com
  11. JetFlyr

    WTB: Pro Staff 97 -- 1/2 or 5/8

    I'm looking for a gently used Pro Staff 97 in grip size 5/8 or 1/2. Grip size must be stock and not built-up. Email ss 8753 at yah oo dot c om (delete spaces). Shipping to 45040. Thank you.
  12. JetFlyr

    Great purchase from Playtennis33

    He was very responsive to my emails. Shipped quickly priority 2 day, and excellent packaging. Racquet was impeccable! I'd definitely trade with him again. Thanks!
  13. JetFlyr

    WTB: Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph (L4)

    I'm looking for a slightly used RF97 Autograph in grip size 4-1/2 only. Email: ss8753 at (ya h oo) dot com. Thank you.
  14. JetFlyr

    Wanted: Wilson Six.One 95 (16x18) must be 5/8 grip

    As title indicates, the grip size must be factory 5/8, and not shrink sleeved 5/8. Looking for newer frames, nothing before the BLX line. Email me: ss 8753 at yah oo dot com. (No spaces). Please send photos as well as a general description of condition and asking price. Thank you.
  15. JetFlyr

    Unusual crosses breaking location

    I recently strung a racquet for a customer, changing him from poly/syngut hybrid to full syngut. After the first hitting session, he said he liked the way the strings felt. I got an email from him two days later saying that when he'd opened his bag for the next hitting session, he found the...
  16. JetFlyr

    Tightening The Parnell knot

    After 20 years of stringing, using mostly double half hitch knots and starting knots, I recently started using Parnell knots. I really like the Parnell knot: it holds tension well and is, I think, the best looking finishing knot. I recently watched the videos that Richard Parnell posted...
  17. JetFlyr

    Ford Oliver is a GREAT seller

    I have bought from him on two different occasions and he has always delivered as promised. I highly recommend!
  18. JetFlyr

    Pictures of bad knot

    I'm demoing the Wilson Steam 99S from a large supplier in the Mid West in Cincinnati. The racquet was strung 2-piece... but the top knot on the crosses isn't tied around an anchor main. This first photo shows before I cut the strings; the second, after. I know that anyone can make a...
  19. JetFlyr

    WTB: Wilson Steam 99S in 1/2 or 5/8

    Grip size must be at least 1/2. Email ss8753 at ya h oo. Thanks!
  20. JetFlyr

    WTB: Bosworth Racquet (newer model)

    I'm interested in owning one of the newer Bosworth frames, but don't want to pay new retail price for it. If you have one to sell, please email the racquet's specs to: ss8753 at ya h oo . c o m Thanks.
  21. JetFlyr

    Fixed clamps: Release base or clamp first?

    I've been going through some of the YouTube archives... And I notice YuLitle releases the string clamp first, whereas Irvin releases the base lock first. What is the recommended technique, and why?
  22. JetFlyr

    Technique on Crosses (2 questions)

    I've been meaning to ask this for awhile, and when I saw Jim post something about it in another thread, I saw my opportunity. I also string my crosses this way. It seems easier to weave and I like the straight shot into the grommet. What do most of you do, and why do you do it that...
  23. JetFlyr

    Compare these three synthetic guts

    I see that Gosen OGSM, Technifibre, and Kirschbaum can all be bought (in reels) for roughly the same price. I have been using OGSM for several years and, while it's a great cross with a poly, I haven't been terribly impressed with it in a full bed. How do the Technifibre and Kirschbaum...
  24. JetFlyr

    Anyone remember Babolat Defiance String?

    I used to use this inexpensive string back in the mid 90's and enjoyed the way it felt. I'm sure it was just synthetic gut. Does anyone remember it and know if there's anything in production today that is similar?
  25. JetFlyr

    Help me identify my new (used) Gamma Stringer

    I bought a used Gamma stringer this afternoon and I need some help identifying the model number and approximate age. The guy I bought it from was the second owner and didn't have any original information on it or any documentation. Still, I felt comfortable buying it because it is in really...
  26. JetFlyr

    WTB: BLX ProStaff 95 grip 4-1/2

    Looking for a gently used BLX ProStaff 95 in 4-1/2 grip size. Will consider a brand new racquet for the right price. Email me: ss8753 at yahoo dot com
  27. JetFlyr

    WTB: Racquet for my girlfriend, beginner's frame

    Racquet bought. Thanks to all who replied.
  28. JetFlyr

    WTB: BLX Pro Staff 95 in 5/8 or 1/2 in 9/10 condition

    Email me at if you're looking to sell. Please include pictures and price. Scott
  29. JetFlyr

    FS: 2 Prince Speedport Blacks 4-5/8 grips

    I have two Prince O3 Speedport Blacks I'd like to sell. Both are are in very good shape: 8.5/10. Some minor scuffing on both, no cracks, no abuse. Overgrip has always been used. Both are currently strung with stringports. Will ship with O-ports, as well. I have added lead tape at the 10...
  30. JetFlyr

    Have I been abusing my WISE Tension Head?

    The following applies to my stringing of mains only: The entire time I've had my WISE, about three years now, when stringing the mains, I've been releasing the clamp on the string WHILE the machine is in the process of pulling the initial tension (before it has gone into the mode of...