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    Why is there a trend towards dampening feel?

    I have the pre-cortex pure drive and aeropro and every generation since then has added another dampening technology from cortex to dampened materials. Wilson has countervail and it's been a general trend for most companies to go for a dampened feel. Does anyone enjoy the dampened feel more? Is...
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    String suggestions for spin

    I know that technique plays into it obviously but from my experience, strings do make a world of difference as well. I use a Pure Drive and I currently use Kirschbaum P2. I love it. Feels a bit dull but I enjoy the spin and pocketing. I like experimenting with new strings and was hoping to...
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    RDiS 100 MP string recommendations?

    Just wanted to hear what you guys are using with this frame and what you guys enjoy/dislike about your setup. Also advice on what to look out for when picking strings for this racquet would be appreciated. Thanks for sharing!
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    Grommet for Pure Drive Team

    Hey Guys, I have a Pure Drive Team laying around and I need to replace the bumper guard. Just wondering if the grommet sets have changed and what Pure Drive Team owners are doing. This is the Pure Drive before the release of Cortex. Thanks! Any help would be appreciated.
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    What's the difference between Classic IsoSpeed Control and Professional

    What's the difference between Classic IsoSpeed Control and Professional? Are they the same string just the "Control" in 16 gauge and "Professional" in 17? I've noticed they named their Baseline reels with different names based on the string gauge which is why I'm asking.
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    String to soften up a stiff frame

    For those of you who use stiff racquets, what's a good string to use to soften up a racquet while retaining good control. I am interested in strings that are not poly or kevlar. I am mainly looking for good feel, durability, and consistent-playing characteristics. I use a RDS001 Mid and...
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    LiveWire XP

    Anyone have experiences they would like to share about this string? Like? Dislike? Major pros and cons? Thanks.
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    Is eastern forehand grip for 2 handed backhand unconventional?

    If someone hits an eastern grip forehand then hits his two handed backhand with the same grip and just slap his left hand on there, is that unconventional?
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    Gamma sg/multi strings

    I don't have much experience with Gamma strings but I get to take one set and I'd like to pick a non-poly / kevlar to soften up my RDS mid. I'm mainly looking for best relative durability and tension maintenance, but control, feel, and spin are all pluses. I'm looking at 16 gauge versions of...
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    Syngut/Multi That Last...

    I know synguts and multis aren't known for durability but I'm looking for one that is more durable and maintains tension better than other synguts/multis. Currently using Hollow Core but it loses its playing characteristics and breaks shortly after the outer layer wears off. Poly and kevlar...
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    Strings for my RDS001Mid and Tour90

    I need a synthetic that has the following characteristics: Tension retention Crisp pop feel I like synthetic because soft poly does not feel great in my stiff frames. I've used Hollow Core in my RDS001 and it plays great initially but once the outer cover wears out, it loses a lot of...
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    Yonex 850 vs 850 Pro

    Interested in this string and was just wondering from those who have used both what their preference was and why. Thanks.
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    More or less tension for more spin?

    I've heard it both ways, drop the tension and get more spin and I've heard tighten up the stringbed for less power so that you will get more spin. What's the general consensus on this?
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    String recommendation for stiff frame

    I am coming from using Redondo Mid with full Kirschbaum Pro Line II @55lbs. With this setup I can pinpoint my volleys and really have a lot of feel for the ball. For fun I moved over to a Yonex RDS001 Mid with Wilson Hollow Core @ 59lbs. With this setup I can really take illogically big...
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    M2 String gauge

    I remember a lot of people asking about what gauge their M2 was and how it wasn't labeled on the packaging. I got my free pack of M2 and it is printed on the strings: Luxilon M2 Pro and BlahBlahBlah numbers The "Pro" part indicates that it is the 1.25 version, I'd imagine the other 16...
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    Donnay Pro One Int'l vs. Babolat Pure Storm Ltd.

    Just wanted to see if anybody tried out both racquets and which one they actually preferred out of the two. The specs on both of them look very appealing to me, it's interesting to see that one is an open pattern and the other closed which should be enough for these two to play distinguishably...
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    Strings for your Pro 1 Int'l?

    Was wondering what kind of strings you guys put on this racquet? Looks to me like the flex and open pattern can do well to compliment some full poly.
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    Babolat VS Touch

    I am in love with natural gut, I currently use Klip Legend 16, thinking of maybe moving on up to Babolat VS in the future after all of the praise, just wondering what it is that is that sets Babolat apart from all the other guts. I know feel is subjective and often hard to describe but please...
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    Strings for thin-beamed, 12+oz, ~65flex, 90sq. in, open pattern racquets

    I'm exploring new ways to string up my racquets and I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone (RDS001Mid, Wilson Tour90) by asking what your favorite setup is for a racquet that is thin beamed, 12+oz, 90sq. in, ~65 flex, open string pattern. From my experience, I didn't particularly like full...
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    Wilson Hollow Core

    I know these strings have been widely distributed to fellow TTW'ers and it's been awhile and I was wondering how everyone felt about them, what is the general consensus, I read random raves and rants here and there about this string but let's bring it all into one place for discussion. Did you...
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    How's the Kgut compared to real gut?

    I'd just like to hear how long it lasts (playability wise and durability wise), does it break faster than your average natural gut string. Preferably a comparison versus Klip Legend 16 as I'm quite familiar with that. Thanks.
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    RedondoMid -> RDS001Mid

    I played about two years with the Redondo Mid, nice feel, closed string pattern. Soft muted feel but I thought I'd try something new and bought the RDS001Mid and strung it up with Big Banger Original. I love the explosive feel and sound of the RDS001Mid but the balls that come off of the RDS...
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    Yonex Head guard

    The head guard on the Yonex RDS001 is ridiculously thin, barely a guard if you ask me. What does everyone do when they play with their Yonex, be extra careful? or head tape? I've never seen a bumper guard come looking so thin already.
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    Joachim Johansson's racquet

    Anyone know what it was? Just curious... before his injury he had the RDS001 pj, not sure if it was meant to imitate the 90 or the 98 variant.
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    RDS 001 string type

    Being that this racquet is very string sensitive (or so I hear...) I was wondering what type of string you guys have in this frame, I am really tempted to string it up with Big Banger Original for the spin and power of the string but I'm a little hesitant because the frame is stiff. Anyone have...
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    Yonex soft grommet

    I just bought an RDS001Mid, I noticed you have the option to take the soft rubber grommets out at the bridge of the racquet and was wondering what the board's preference was on whether to keep it in or to take it out. For those that have tried both, please post your experiences with both and...
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    Strings for RDS 001 Mid

    What string setup do you guys use for the RDS 001 Mid? Feel free to list what you like and even what you didn't. The TW demo I got earlier had some syn gut strung on it and it was decent but I'm wondering if anyone out there plays poly on this racquet considering it's relatively stiff. I...
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    RDS 001 2008 vs RDS 001 Mid

    Is the only difference between them the paintjob? Preferably from someone who owns both versions. Just wondering why the old version is sold at a cheaper price at my local store.
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    N95 replacement?

    My friend had his Nsix-one 95's stolen from his car and nowadays they are hard to come by, he is wondering what he should switch to, I would suggest the K95 but I have read many experiences here that the two racquets are not alike. He's been playing with the N95 for about 3-4 years now. Any...