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  1. Eren

    Federer is "One of the Greatest of All Time"

    Has Djokovic started a modern trend with his speech after the Wimbledon 2019 final. Even Wikipedia has taken a step back and has completely emulated Djokovic. 1) Will Federer ever overcome this issue? 2) Does Wikipedia have to ask permission to Djokovic for using this. Roger Federer (German...
  2. Eren

    Second greatest clay courter in the Nadal Era

    This thread is about Djokovic and Federer against good clay courters in general (>= 2 final appearances at RG) and at RG in particular. I chose the thread title poorly, but I can't change it. We all know who the best is on clay since 2005. Just to list the obvious: RG Titles: 11 (99.9% chance...