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  1. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Janowicz handshake vs Hamou

    I agree. Janowicz is known for his antics and attitude on court. He won and didn't need to attempt to intimidate Hamou like that--Good for Hamou for standing up to Janowicz
  2. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Cut the Uni-Tongue of Nike Courtballistec 3.3

    if anyone has pics. i know a lot of people would love to see them
  3. rafaelnadalfan1234

    New Racquet suggestion

    How much weight to you recommend I put on the head? Ad then I should counter it with the same weight in the handle?
  4. rafaelnadalfan1234

    New Racquet suggestion

    I will, and I definitely want to lead up my blades before I give them up. I'm attached to them and its gonna be tough to switch. I know that sounds a little sad, but yeah I think trying some lead tape is a good idea
  5. rafaelnadalfan1234

    New Racquet suggestion

    well thank you for the advice. I'm just gonna have to try both of them and see which suits me better. I do like the blx blade but I want some more mass behind my strokes.
  6. rafaelnadalfan1234

    New Racquet suggestion

    I will definitely try the 6.1 18x20. What about the pure drive roddick GT?
  7. rafaelnadalfan1234

    New Racquet suggestion

    I used to play with the APD. I may try it again, but I think a heavier racquet would suit me better.
  8. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Nadal's performance in the Wimbledon 2011 finals

    I wouldn't say he was "pwned" at the AO. That was a five set match that lasted more than five hours. Had Nadal made that backhand at 4-3, he very well could have won the match. The other finals, yes I would agree with you. You can say many things about he AO, but that Nadal was "pwned" is...
  9. rafaelnadalfan1234

    New Racquet suggestion

    I have been playing with the blx and kblade for almost three years. Recently I haven't been playing as much as I would have liked and I feel that it is time for a change. I am an aggressive baseliner type of player and I have a lot of top spin on my forehand. I want a racquet that is good on...
  10. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 (2Hundred)

    yeah i guess yall are right. I think I should hit with it one more time but i really liked it. Its only $89 bucks so that would be a steal. I think I would somehow mess up the balance if I tried to put weight in my blx 98s. Is it hard to do that?
  11. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 (2Hundred)

    I hit with this racquet the other day and loved it. My ground strokes felt incredibly solid and my forehand was dropping with in with a lot more spin and power than I normally get with my blx blade. Is there any wilson racquet similar to this that I could try? Or is there a way to lead up my...
  12. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Nadal on Grass vs. Federer on Clay
  13. rafaelnadalfan1234

    problem with Gamma 5800 ELS base

    one of my bases will not stay. i will clamp the string and then try to set the base and it will snap back to its resting position. i dont think oil would help because it seems too loose, but i am unsure what to do
  14. rafaelnadalfan1234

    What past shoe do you want to see reintroduced?

    third that or the vapor speeds
  15. rafaelnadalfan1234

    barricade 7 vs kswiss bigshot vs ballistec 4.3

    i need a new shoe and i have been using the 3.3 and propulse 2s. i need a warranty for my shoes so ive narrowed my choice down to these three. i am leaning most towards the big shot because i like lighter shoes and they are also the cheapest. i dont like the 130 dollar price tag of the adidas...
  16. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Why do nike shoes increase in price every year?

    the courtballistecs and vapors are 130$. last year they were 125 and the year before 120$. i really think 130 is not worth it when the shoes last me like 3 months despite the 6 month warranty
  17. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Is it possible...even remotely...that Nadal may have tanked all 6 finals to Djoker?

    no thats ridiculous. i dont agree when people say nadal tanked or was destroyed by djokovic. He lost a tough match in indian wells and he was two points from winning in miami. Then as the season progressed and he lost confidence the matches were worse, he has the ability to beat djokovic its...
  18. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Nike CB 4.3 summer shoes thanks man
  19. rafaelnadalfan1234

    TW nike exclusive shoe!!!

    that would be sick
  20. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Wawrinka, if you can't beat Young, just quit tennis.

    im pretty sure you would lose to donald young....
  21. rafaelnadalfan1234

    tsonga's little dance...

    i like it.... it defines him. are you sure that you dont like it cuz it was against federer?
  22. rafaelnadalfan1234

    CB 3.3 Warranty Countdown **ShOcKing PhOtOs**

    what niketown is that at?
  23. rafaelnadalfan1234

    New!Wilson BLX blade 98 VS K blade 98~

    agreed... don't u have more to say?
  24. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Nike six month warranty

    ok cool... thanks
  25. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Nike six month warranty

    ha... and ok i ordered them from tennis warehouse so would i just use their order form reciept? and how do i turn them in? sorry ive never tried to uses the warranty before