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  1. ilovetennis212

    Best camcorder for recording tennis? Help!!

    Please share your experiences. I've been looking for best camcorder for recording tennis matches. I want to see large view of opponent's court. Something like this. ( I didn't upload ATP match example pic cuz I won't buy high end pro camera like $7000. They also have much higher shooting point...
  2. ilovetennis212

    FS : 2013 wilson blx team 95 4 1/4

    FS : 2013 wilson blx team 95 Grip size : 4 1/4 Condition : 8/10 Hit it for few hours. Normal wear on bumper only. Too light for me. Conus $70 Pictures upon request. Will send with a set of poly big hitter blue 16g string($8) for free as a gift.
  3. ilovetennis212

    PED best seller on TTW

    Best guy Great racquets Fast shipping Safe packaging. Excellent communication.
  4. ilovetennis212

    FS : wilson blx 95 red black 18x20 4 1/4

    Wilson blx 95 red black version 18x20 Grips size is 4 1/4 Condition : 5/10 Paint chips on frame but no crack. $36 conus. Pictures upon request. Strung up with sensation and poly hybrid. Will send with tourna big hitter blue 16g string(40ft) and 6 over grip as gifts.
  5. ilovetennis212

    FS : Wilson 95 blx (18x20)

    for sale wilson blx 95 (18x20) red and black version. the condition is 5/10 there are scuff and chips. scratch on bumper. playable condition. pictures upon request. grip size is 4 1/4 changed regular grip to leather grip.(half way) but i can replace leather grip to regular...
  6. ilovetennis212

    FS: Head YOUTEK IG Prestige Pro 4 3/8

    Good afternoon guys, I have head youtek ig prestige pro racquet for sale. grip 4 3/8 the condition is 8/10 I changed the grip to kimony leather grip to get best feel. freshly strung with gut and poly.(50lbs) this is my email to contact : I only accept paypal...
  7. ilovetennis212

    Wawrinka vs Del potro

    Del potro won 2009 US open beating nadal and federer. Wawrinka won 2014 AO open beating djokovic and nadal. Who will be more remembered if they end up their career as one slam wonder? Wawrinka? Or Del potro?
  8. ilovetennis212

    Please help me out! :)

    I had 'blx six one 18x20' with leather replacement grip. It weight over 360grams. My arm gets tired of playing over 3hours. So I bought two "head IG prestige pro 95" since TW said it's similar racquet to 95. they said it's 6pts HL on website but it says 1HL on the racquets. Since I...
  9. ilovetennis212

    I'm looking for hitting partners.

    People tell me I'm a 4.0 player. But I'm not sure about that. I'll be around Driftwood Rd Miramar Beach floorida 32550
  10. ilovetennis212

    Can wawrinka be the 1st one to beat 3 former US open champs to win the title??

    Wawrinka played super great today vs murray. He will play djokovic in SF on Friday. I think he can pull of another upset if he can play like today. It was a great match they played 5setter in australian open 2013. If he can beat djokovic... Why he can't beat nadal? I know it's hard to believe...
  11. ilovetennis212

    ATP pros' Diet schedule. Please Help!!!!

    Please share your info if you can. This is usual my diet schedule so far. I play the match from 6pm to 9pm in summer, spring. And I don't eat anything after lunch(12:30-1:30) I play the match from 3pm to 6pm in winter, fall. And I eat lunch(12:30-1:30) light before the match. Last week I ate...
  12. ilovetennis212

    Rafael Nadal's great H2H record vs top 40 BUT...

    Rafael Nadal has great H2H records against top 40 ATP players. But why he couldn't have a good record vs 41.ranked Davydenko. Davydenko leads nadal 6:5 H2H. Can anyone explain this?? What kind of game davydenko brings up to rafa?? I respect Nadal's record and I don't understand why he couldn't...
  13. ilovetennis212

    Cincy 3R (R.Federer vs T.Haas) who do you think will be the winner?

    I think federer is getting back his confidence and he has good h2h against haas. So federer will be the winner of the match. Match will start after 1pm central djokovic's match.
  14. ilovetennis212

    How to drop your racquet's tension?

    Is there any way to drop the tension around 4lbs? Here's the reason why I want to drop my racquet's tension. I do stringing job at home. My prefer tension is 52lbs but I put 55lbs when I do stringing job because I always lose 3lbs after hitting 4hours. This time I tried to hit with 55lbs so I...
  15. ilovetennis212

    What kind of Balls are you playing with?

    I've been playing with Penn ATP extra duty for hard court for years. please share if you know good balls for hard courts
  16. ilovetennis212

    What is the cheapest natural gut?

    Please share brand and model name if you know the cheapest natural gut. And where can I buy it in online website.
  17. ilovetennis212

    What's my rating? (Video of practice session)

    Please correct me or teach me to have better swing with good power. I know I have to work a lot with my serve... I really want to serve over 120mph. But I can only serve 110mph during the match.