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  1. joke-a-vich

    anybody own a fed jacket?

    has anybody bought any of the fed jacket? what do you think of them? how do they run size wise?
  2. joke-a-vich

    Rally for Relief

    Is anybody going to be recording it? i would love to see it but i have to work :( :( :(
  3. joke-a-vich

    are we getting the yellow bandana?

    are we getting the aussie open bandanas this year?
  4. joke-a-vich

    FS: Head LM instinct tour xl & prince exo3 graphite need to go

    The LM instinct tour xl has a 4 1/2 grip and is in about 9/10 condition, the head guard is a bit scuffed up will send picks if interested. i am asking about 65 obo the prince exo3 graphite 93 has a 4 3/8 grip and is about in 7.7 to 8 condition. asking 60 obo. have some bills to pay so...
  5. joke-a-vich

    FS: RQiS 1 tour XL needs to go

    Hi, i have a RQiS 1 tour xl in about 8/10 condition in a 4 3/8 grip. need to pay some bills so this needs to go haha. i am asking $65 obo. send any questions to i will answer a lot faster if you email me. thanks a lot!
  6. joke-a-vich

    can dead poly cause elbow problems?

    also, if i cut out teh crosses ( the poly) will it cause any substantial stress to my frame (blx 90 with vs touch in the mains at 49.5)?
  7. joke-a-vich

    how do i use paypal?

    :oops: sorry if this is the wrong place (i don't think it should be, lol) but i just put up an ad on the for sale section and i want everything to smoothly. anyway, someone has emalied me saying pp ready and ship to "xxxxx" i just want to complete the transaction :oops:
  8. joke-a-vich

    FS/ FT 2X HEAD MG Prestige mids (7.5 or 8/10 and 9.5/10)

    I have 2 HEAD MG Prestige mids in 4 3/8 grip sizes for $80 ea. shipped or i would like to trade for 2 k90s in 4 3/8 grips in roughly the same condition. 1.prestige mid 7.5 or 8/10 (some chips at the top of the hoop NO cracks) strung with VS touch 16g mains k-gut pro 17 crosses 2. prestige...
  9. joke-a-vich

    Is there a difference between the youtek prestige & microgel prestige?

    other than the D3O stuff is there that much of a difference? i have two microgels that can be given to me for free but should i spend the money on the youtek versions? I guess all i want to know is if it is worth it to me to just buy the new ones or use the older ones
  10. joke-a-vich

    best gut multi combo?

    what is the best natural gut/ multi combo? i use alu rough crosses and gut mains but the poly is going dead to fast for my liking, i have tried full gut but i didn't like all that much. any suggestions?
  11. joke-a-vich

    It kinda bugs me about Fed...

    i love Fed, i love his style and everything but every time he loses match point its always off his error. I mean I guess its just him going for his shots, but it just kinda irks me for some reason... thoughts?
  12. joke-a-vich

    Thoughts on wilson holocore?

    has any one on here ever hit with wilson holocore? if you have i would like to know your feed back on it. i know about four or five people who have hit with and i have heard mixed responses, so far its either you love it or hate it. whats your guys' take on it?
  13. joke-a-vich

    has anyone had to add weight to their K90?

    i felt like it was getting too lite for me. i had to add about four pieces of lead tape to each side at 3 and 9 (about 4 in). i have been playing much better ever since i have done this. anyone else felt like their K90 was not heavy enough?
  14. joke-a-vich

    what are some good natural gut alternetives?

    i was thinking of X-ONE biphase or NXT. anyone got anything better?
  15. joke-a-vich

    my K90 pj so far

    here is my pj so far of my K90 so far. this is what i want it to look like roughly when i am done. this is now
  16. joke-a-vich

    doing a pj and want to know the amount of wieght it will add if i just paint over

    have any of you tried doing a pj and just paint over the original paint? does it add a significant amount, or is it not very noticible?
  17. joke-a-vich

    what strings did you find best for your Kblade Tour?

    i am just trying to find those right strings for my Kblade tour. thanks!
  18. joke-a-vich

    [K]blade tour VS [k]six one nine tour?

    i have both of these sticks and am trying to decide which one to go with. now i just want to say that i want your guys' feed back on the racquets and not K blade fan boy feed back. I absoloutly love the feel of the six one nine tour and the control i got out of it, however the weight was just...