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  1. Wheelz

    Penn Championship Tennis Balls Regular Duty

    Are those the ones where the lettering is in red ? I thought they were the clay balls so in league play(at the clay club) I was using them. Good info here ! It might not have been to my advantage.
  2. Wheelz

    2020 Wilson Ultra

    Which Ultra do you have?
  3. Wheelz

    what is best tennis book you like?

    Winning Ugly !
  4. Wheelz

    Wilson Clash string setup and at what tension

    Round and 16G?
  5. Wheelz

    ATP CUP isn't doing it for me.

    Shapovalov VS Tstsipas was fun to watch! Watched the doubles after , Canada dominated.
  6. Wheelz

    Customizing the Gravity MP

    A friend has a leather grip and a bit of weight added to the hoop (he is at 10-2). His specs end up close to the Gravity PRO model.
  7. Wheelz

    Wilson Clash string setup and at what tension

    Why lower? Honest question, what makes you think about it when you play with the clash and want to go lower? I'm stringing the clash for a friend and could suggest it as he won't mind.
  8. Wheelz

    Wilson h19

    Is the Ultra Tour more powered than the H19, if stiffer ? Assuming same weight/sw .
  9. Wheelz

    What is the racket of the decade?

    Wilson Ultra Tour ! Blade line looks like it did great in many versions (I never had the chance to play them all)
  10. Wheelz

    What Racquet (If winning didn't matter)?

    I often think/say that equipment(stick and strings) is 5%, maybe it's a bit more in tennis, I'd be open to a counter. To make it win or lose would be more than 5% ! It seems that 99% (I should say 95%) of my errors are usually because of my feet (balance, late prep, etc) not what's in my hand...
  11. Wheelz

    Companies should make extra low powered racquets for beginners.

    And forced "them" to have proper footwork/balance to hit the big shot ! I thought that helped me when returning to tennis to grab my lower powered racquet. I couldn't generate power unless I had a good preparation with feet planted.
  12. Wheelz

    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    Received my 2nd Ultra (excellent deals right now!). Requested to get the same weight at 305g stock. I did get that but balance and SW (calculated by me) was a bit off. The 2nd one was 327SW and 33 bal VS 323 and 32.5. Just some small adjustment here and there to match them as close as...
  13. Wheelz

    Racket rotation or play till break and swap?

    I've been debating that lately. The most logic performance answer is to rotate every game.... but what if both are at their end and break on the same day. I'm less worried about that with 18x20 than when I had a 16x19, that might influence the decision
  14. Wheelz

    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 17 @53. I'm really liking that string ! I've been monitoring the tension with the app after every session with the Ultra just to get a feel for the string/racquet. It's now at 44, but I find that that string plays pretty much similar as fresh. With the Solinco (and...
  15. Wheelz

    Wilson's release plan

    Hoping next time I click on this thread it will be about Wilson's release plan :)... maybe even some info from @ChaelAZ !
  16. Wheelz

    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    Posting my thoughts after 11 hours of play with this beauty. The one I got seemed close to the specs. I added 4 grams(in total) at 3-9 and 3 grams at the top of the handle. I thought the grip L2 was a bit bigger than what I am used to so I bought a Babolat Skin Feel grip. In total it's about...
  17. Wheelz

    2019 Wilson Blade

    What does ROS mean ?
  18. Wheelz

    Wilson's release plan

    Ultra Tour has been different than the other Ultras, correct me if I'm wrong. In curious how they will play that out with v3.
  19. Wheelz

    Is the HEAD Microgel Radical MP the goat of Rad's?

    Yes for my Radical Liquidmetal MP. played well stock as well, but added weight at 12 as I was progressing. Very lower powered racquet.
  20. Wheelz

    Best modern 18x20 97-100"?

    Haven't tried all of them, but right now I'm please with the (modded) Ultra Tour. Feels like my older Head, but better (feel,power,sweet spot). The sweet spot feels really good. Feels great at the net as well. The price also made it easier to jump and try it.
  21. Wheelz

    Stefanos 'not my best' Tsitsipas

    Where did he say that? Any video or text of it ?
  22. Wheelz

    Clash 98: underrated racquet of 2019.

    Demo with gut ! That's classy.
  23. Wheelz

    Optimum Racquet Balance for Performance II - MgR/I Data for ATP Pros

    Try this site
  24. Wheelz

    Proof that this "tournament" is a joke.

    You make a good point that it sucks for Nadal but the rules are the same for everyone. Nadal played bad the first game and was not that much better the 2nd game. Injured or not he was not the best out of this pool. I see round robins in hockey often but not as much drama from fans, damn!
  25. Wheelz

    After 4 years...Fed beat Djokovic!

    That was a good show !
  26. Wheelz

    Is the HEAD Microgel Radical MP the goat of Rad's?

    I've been wondering, if the old Radicals (and Prestige since I've been reading those threads) are better/that good (and I agree I like my LM Radical MP) why don't you guys play with them still, or maybe those are your regular sticks ? Is there something missing from modern technology that we are...
  27. Wheelz

    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    Just received mine. Up to specs for weight (305g, 324 strung, 330 with OG and dampener). 31.5 bal before stringing. I manually did the swing weight to around 323. Seems like that's pretty good. Added 4g at 3-9, so now 334g, 32.7bal and 332sw. Now to hit wit hit ! It at least looks pretty...
  28. Wheelz

    Frequency of restringing / tension loss

    Found that thread through search... I was actually wondering if what I am experiencing is normal, which seems similar to the original poster. String machine setup at 48 Racquet came out at 48ish with RacquetTune After a few hours, 44-45 (can't remember exactly) After 2 hours of hitting 41...
  29. Wheelz

    2019 Wilson Blade

    Beauty !
  30. Wheelz

    Best Polys for 18x20 string pattern

    Not in your choices but I'm enjoying the Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour (17). I feel I can string it low and still keep control with added feel. This is my choice in a controlled low power 18x20 racquet in mid 40 tension. Seems like it's losing tension quickly initially but plays very well and...