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  1. Wheelz

    Opinion needed : Best string to try under (around)10$?

    Just wondering opinions on what people think... I'll then do some research on some of the names I get and try them out. My main stick is a Head FXP radical Tour and backup for now LM Radical MP. I like to hit baseline, and my favorite shot is definitly the forehand... I don't do extreme...
  2. Wheelz

    TRaining aids for winter in Canada.

    Hi, I'll probably get 3 months out of playing inside at a club, but I was looking for a training aid for the home. with researched I found the rackbracket.... and the PracticeHit... anybody had experience with training aids ? Useless ? Helpful ? I'm looking to see if there's other option...
  3. Wheelz

    Tennis channel

    Anybody in Canada has that Channel ? If so, what provider do you have ? TSN rarely puts tennis games on their schedule and it seems that they're the only one to show tennis in Canada.
  4. Wheelz

    Advise on strings for FXP Rad Tour

    I have the choice between... Head SYNTHETIC GUT Wilson Sensation 16 HEAD SPIN PLUS Wilson NXT I know nothing about string except from what I read... Same goes for tension but I guess that's a trial and error thing. Does a certain string needs more tension then another ? or is it a...
  5. Wheelz

    three of the best rated racket by TW

    FXP radical Tour Head agassi LE Head LM radical MP three rackets that I've spent alot of time reading reviews. can any of you guys that tried or own of them give me feedback please ! I'm really more a groudstroke player the anything else.
  6. Wheelz

    Head Flexpoint technology

    How are those racquets. MP Tour compared to MP ?