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    Seoul 10/6-10/13

    tennis anyone? 50 yo male 4.5
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    1hbh parametric acceleration

    if the fh is no longer 'hitting 3 balls in a row down the target line', why is the 1hbh still taught to 'stay side ways'. it should be a mirror image of the fh, where the parametric acceleration means pulling the right shoulder hard left towards the left shoulder and have racket finish around...
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    the 1-thumb-15-min 1hbh

    just tried this one a friend.... it does only take 15 minutes for one to 'get it'... the rest is just hitting and get familiar with different balls. stand comfortably, feet shoulder width apart. chest facing the net (yes, complete open stance), or slightly to the left net post, doesn't matter...
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    the next major revolution in tennis

    why not in tennis... should get to 160 mph easy
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    Greenhill (Dallas) TX 9/14 - 9/17

    The town is Addison. looking for hits, 4.0-5.0 ok, prefer singles.. just hitting or playing points/sets whatever you like. pls leave replies here.. thx!