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    FS: Nike Green Apple Wristbands

    I have a pair of Green Apple wristbands which were used by Nadal at the 2011 Monte Carlo tournament from the SE Open Nike booth. I do not have the packaging any longer, but they were only worn to try on. I also have the matching bandana, sold at the tournament as well. These were both the...
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    N Code Six One 95 (16x18) Grommets

    Hey guys, I am in need of replacement grommets for my wilson n code six one 95 racquet and was just wondering if the k factor or blx grommets would be compatible with the older frame. Thanks so much!
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    ChicagoJack is a great seller!

    Great seller. Got an email immediately after racquet was shipped with tracking info. Received racquet which was just as described (if not better). Thanks so much!!!!
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    Babolat and Wilson Racquets for Sale

    I have the following for sale: 2x Babolat Aero Storm GT (11.4 oz version), L2 (4 1/4) gripsize. Both are in 9/10 condition, played for a few hours. Both strung freshly with Revenge 17 as well. No scuffs or damage whatsoever. 1x Babolat Aero Pro Drive, L2 (4 1/4) gripsize. 7/10 condition...
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    Babolat Racquets for Sale

    I have four Babolat Aero Storm GT's for sale, all 4 1/4 (L2) gripsize. 1) 9.5/10; strung with Revenge 17 once, played with for 1 hour. Almost new. Looking for $130 shipped. 2) same as above 3) 8/10; Strung with revenge 17 currently. In great structural condition, only new bumper kit...
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    Babolat Racquets for Sale

    I have the following two racquets for sale: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Pure Storm Limited GT; grip 4 3/8; condition: 8.5-9.0/10 No major defects, bumper worn out in a few places, just a new grommet will fix the problem. Hit with for a few...
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    anhuynh16 is a great seller!!!

    Thanks to anhuynh16, I was able to acquire the Federer wristbands and the Nadal bandana from the 2011 Sony Ericsson Open. Great seller, easy transaction!
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    Nike Breathe 2k10 size question

    I am considering purchasing the 2k10's but want to get some feedback on the fit. I wear 10.5 for the lunarlite tour (vapor 7) and 10 in ballistec 2.3. Which one does the breathe 2k10 fit closer to? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Azarenka USO

    Interesting how Azarenka is wearing the dress Serena was going to wear...
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    Nike Backspin Polo Question

    Hey TW, I was wondering if these two are the same item in terms of composition: http://**************/us/en_us/?l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-100701/pid-282534/pgid-337735#l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-100701/pid-303331/pgid-363292...
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    Another smooth transaction with *breaksracquet

    Great seller. Love the wristbands. Thanks again!
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    !<-_->! is a great seller!

    Smooth transaction with !<-_->! in purchasing a shirt. Great communication and fast shipping. Highly recommended.
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    *breaksracquet is a great seller!!!

    Quick shipment. Great communication. Item was perfect. Recommended seller. Thanks so much!!!
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    We Finally Have Colored Adidas Wristbands
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    Nike Sleveless Tops?

    Are there going to be any nike sleveless tops this season (as they are not on the listing with the rest of the lineup)? Thanks in advance
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    Spring '10 Adidas apparel up on TW

    it's up: minus murray's line...
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    Article about sharapova's racquet

    First, let us clearly state that shoulder injuries and possible causes are outside of our area of expertise. We have studied and possess a solid understanding of tennis elbow, but shoulder issues are a different animal. With that duly noted, Maria Sharapova is currently attempting to comeback...
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    MiAdidas in the US Open

    It seems that both Querry and Melanie Oudin are wearing MiAdidas customized barricades... Since adidas is publicizing this so much, nike should get on it to create ballistec nike id's...
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    New Babolat Pure Storm Limited GT coming my way...

    I will be getting the new Babolat Pure Storm Limited GT by early next week. Will post review once I string it up and play with it.
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    New Breathe Cage II colorway!!!

    Check it out:
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    NEW Prince EXO3 Ignite

    Anyone know anything about this racquet? Seems awfully close to the exo3 rebel...
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    Djokovic Wimbledon Geniuses Up Djokovic's wimbledon shoes are up!
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    YOUTEK Radicals are up on TW

    Up for presale: MP: PRO: OS:
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    French Open Adidas Pros' Shoes

    Looks like the women are wearing the men's feathers: And Ivanovic is wearing barricades (which I don't get since the barricades are so heavy compared to the feathers):
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    New Head Natural Gut

    Looks like Head will be offering a new natural gut string... go to the strings section of the catalog here:
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    Nadal still with cages...

    Will he ever move to the ballistecs???
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    Baghdatis to CC Geniuses

    Do they seem really awkward looking and bulky to anyone other than me?
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    Gold/White and light blue nike wristbands

    Dear TW, Why can't we get this item here in the us: and this item also: Thanks
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    RAFA'S ACTUAL STRING TENSION (and other things...)

    Ok, so I was on the live chat through babolat's website, and he said the following of his string tension. Q: What kind of strings do you use? What tension? A: I play 25kg in Australia but sometimes I play 25,5 kg Q: where do your rackets go when you don't use them anymore?I mean old...
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    NEW Black Breathe Cage II's

    They're here: