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  1. Cobaine

    Prince Official - Racquets

    Please don’t change the grip shape. It’s part of what makes Prince unique. Respect your diehards. Or at least leave it as an option. I grip the racquet low on the handle so flared grips of other brands feel terrible. Same for Head’s rectangular shape or Wilson’s square.
  2. Cobaine

    Prince Official - Racquets

    Fascinating post! Thanks for the thorough response.
  3. Cobaine

    Prince Official - Racquets

    I’m a lifelong Prince fan! I’m glad the brand is making a comeback. Is there a reason Prince no longer incorporates the built-in dampener technology like that in the CTS Lightning and CTS Response?
  4. Cobaine

    MaxTennis Tournament Thread

    I didn’t mean actual international players. What I meant is people of lots of ethnicities. Like look at the 4.5 draw. Most of those dudes aren’t white. Refreshing.
  5. Cobaine

    MaxTennis Tournament Thread

    Matt how are you mentally preparing to dominate and honor your #1 seeding?
  6. Cobaine

    MaxTennis Tournament Thread

    I love the international nature of NorCal draws, especially in the lower levels. So many people from all parts of the world. And dudes named Fuchs.
  7. Cobaine

    MaxTennis Tournament Thread

    I like Better Call Saul.
  8. Cobaine

    Jhreamer's Progress Thread

    Since your motion looks pretty good, the best tip I can give you is to make sure you don’t have any tension in your wrist as you approach the racquet drop immediately after the trophy position. You really need to feel the drop as you explode UP into the ball. That will allow you to get the...
  9. Cobaine

    Jhreamer's Progress Thread

    That last ace was nice. Good way to end the video . Where is that indoor facility where you play?
  10. Cobaine

    Jhreamer's Progress Thread

    That was a nice serve!
  11. Cobaine

    Tankless hot water heaters?

    The tankless we have came with the house so I can’t tell you if it’s a top end model. But I’ve noticed two downsides: First, there has to be enough pressure at the tap activate the unit. So I’ve had issues with low flow shower heads. Second, I can only max the temperature at 120 F. Again, I...
  12. Cobaine

    Moved from Hybrid to Poly - game falls off

    ISOspeed Cream is a great poly for the price. You could pair that with Wilson Sensation and likely have a similar feel to your original hybrid at half the price.
  13. Cobaine

    5.0 Players, what are your strings of choice?

    Max Power 17. It’s 95% as good as Alu Power and about 25% cheaper.
  14. Cobaine

    I thought this was a good vid

    This guy is a hack. Most of what he says is total bs, and he periodically blind squirrels onto a nugget of truth.
  15. Cobaine

    Wawrinka done in 2020?

    I don’t like what this tweet portends:
  16. Cobaine

    The most important tennis video ever made!

    Alisa Kleybanova
  17. Cobaine

    Oreilly Opelka - A future Sampras or yet another American serve bot?

    Garbage servebot. Nobody would know his name if he were 5’11”.
  18. Cobaine

    Sjeng Schalken head tape

    Anyone? How did the Dutch legend keep his sticks scuff-free?
  19. Cobaine

    Jaime Yzaga Vibration Dampener?

    Anyone? How did the Peruvian legend keep the GE at bay?
  20. Cobaine

    What Sunscreen Do You Recommend?

    Coppertone sport lotion works well. It stays on through sweat and light toweling. It also doesn’t have oxybenzone which has been found to be a strong and prevalent hormone disruptor.
  21. Cobaine

    Round poly with long playability duration

    Solinco Outlast. It's a pretty dead string to begin with, so the playability remains constant. And if you use a thin gauge at a low tension, its got nice pocketing and comfort (for a poly).
  22. Cobaine

    OK, I also want a 100mph serve! Suggestions please

    You need a lot more leg drive. Your feet barely leave the ground, if at all.
  23. Cobaine

    Tourna 300 CS crank stringing machine

    I have this machine as well. I really like it; it’s well made and the design is very functional. I used to have a Neos 1000 and I actually like the Tourna better because of the clamps and six point mounting.
  24. Cobaine

    Has Spin Obsession Caused Tennis to Regress???

    Come on. Aren’t you the creator of the formula for racquet customization related to your height? I expect more from you.
  25. Cobaine

    Has Spin Obsession Caused Tennis to Regress???

    That’s your unquantifiable opinion.
  26. Cobaine

    I Want A 120 MPH Serve

    You only get a couple inches off the ground when you serve. I’m not saying height off the ground is the end all (Pancho Gonzales other old school pros used to drop bombs and they were prohibited from leaving the ground) but it definitely adds pace and can make up for other technical...
  27. Cobaine

    Has Spin Obsession Caused Tennis to Regress???

    Regarding amateurs, the vast majority don’t have the RHS to benefit from poly strings. So it makes sense that you play better with other string set ups. Regarding the effect of poly on the pro game, I think you’re way off base. Poly gives them more control, not less. Back in the day when...
  28. Cobaine

    Help with Sunscreen, It is Summer in Canada

    I wear a hat so I don’t need to put sunscreen on my forehead. If you hate hats you should try a mineral sunscreen, but most don’t seem to have the staying power if a sport sunscreen.
  29. Cobaine

    Tongueless/Sleeve Shoes with Durability Guarantee

    Does TW sell any? Like the Asics Court FF2, but with a durability guarantee? Thanks.