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    Prince Official - Racquets

    I own a Textreme Tour 310, Beast 98 and Beast O3 98. They are all great sticks but my preference is for the Tour 310. The main difference for me is the feel. I like the Tour 310's feel, control, and spin. The racquets all play great and I can trust them all in match play but the better feel is...
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    Has anyone played with this 310 and the phantom pro 100p? I wonder how the two compare and which one was preferred.
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    Prince Phantom 93p vs Technifiber T40 305

    Fed and Sampras were playing at a 5.0 level. ;)
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    New firewire fan!

    What is wrong with being too aggressively shaped? Too much spin?
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    Thanks for the reply, saved me some time from my gut hybrid. I was already getting plenty of power on my full poly and this confirms it for me. Thanks for the comparison, so it looks like Firewire Boost is your second favorite setup behind 4G soft? Did you get more spin with the Firewire Boost...
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    How are you liking the setup? Are you able to compare it with any other poly setups you've had in this frame?
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    I received a sample pack of the 16 gauge FireWire boost so they definitely exist and it's why I asked about them.
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    Are you using 16gauge version of FireWire boost? Have you tried other full poly setups in this racquet to compare? I am curious if this setup is too thick for the tighter 16x18 center and if the spin is noticeably better than 17g poly like proline2 and max power.
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    Between these three setups which did you prefer? Could you please compare them for me? Was the gut/poly hard to control or lacking in spin vs. The other two. I am using full poly Kirsch max power 17g at 48lbs and interested in trying gut hybrid but don't want everything to sail. Thanks!
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    What is everyone's favorite string and tension in the textreme tour 310?
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    Has anyone used the Beast 100 and know how it compares with the TT310? It see me similarly specced with more stiffness and one more cross. Looks appealing at its price point.
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    Why is there a trend towards dampening feel?

    I wish manufacturers would stop this trend. I am not a fan of the dampened feel and don't know many who are either. A lot of the newer TW video racquet reviews complain about feeling disconnected from the ball on contact.
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    Why is there a trend towards dampening feel?

    Does dampening feel actually help with stiffness? My understanding is 70 stiffness in two frames are going to have the same effect on your elbow regardless of dampening material.
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    Why is there a trend towards dampening feel?

    I have the pre-cortex pure drive and aeropro and every generation since then has added another dampening technology from cortex to dampened materials. Wilson has countervail and it's been a general trend for most companies to go for a dampened feel. Does anyone enjoy the dampened feel more? Is...
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    Vcore 95d

    Sorry to go off on a tangent but I just wanted to chime in that I have hit with the Speed 18x20 and Microgel Prestige and they both feel very hollow much like the Dunlop Aerogel line. I would recommend you try hitting with something like a Prokennex Redondo for comparison with the new Prestige...
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    String suggestions for spin

    What's the general consensus on textured strings, do they provide more spin for you? From my experience with Spiky Shark, I didn't feel that way and was able to get more pocketing and "grab" from the full P2. With the latest post from TW about lubricated strings increasing spin, it makes...
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    String suggestions for spin

    I see in your signature that you have tried RPM blast, would you say these two strings are spinnier? How do the two listed above compare with one another? Thanks!
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    String suggestions for spin

    I know that technique plays into it obviously but from my experience, strings do make a world of difference as well. I use a Pure Drive and I currently use Kirschbaum P2. I love it. Feels a bit dull but I enjoy the spin and pocketing. I like experimenting with new strings and was hoping to...
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    RDiS 100 MP string recommendations?

    Just wanted to hear what you guys are using with this frame and what you guys enjoy/dislike about your setup. Also advice on what to look out for when picking strings for this racquet would be appreciated. Thanks for sharing!
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    Grommet for Pure Drive Team

    Thanks for the replies, so the current grommets/bumper strips for pure drives will still work with the 2 generation old Pure Drive team?
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    Grommet for Pure Drive Team

    Hey Guys, I have a Pure Drive Team laying around and I need to replace the bumper guard. Just wondering if the grommet sets have changed and what Pure Drive Team owners are doing. This is the Pure Drive before the release of Cortex. Thanks! Any help would be appreciated.
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    Wilson N six one tour + 95

    Not trying to be Debbie Downer, but if I saw this racquet on ****... wouldn't this racquet just be called a fake n95?
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    Pro's Racquets and Wilson

    Federer and Del Po would be worthless to Wilson if they started losing their matches. No reason for Wilson to get "angry" over them not using their new line, they could care less what their players play with as long as the average consumer thinks it's the latest line.
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    Am I a pusher?

    People often mislabel others pushers when they actually mean to say that they lost to players who are more consistent than themselves.
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    Kevlar with?

    I get tennis elbow with thin kevlar Forten Thin Blend even though I use full poly all the time. It is just a different type of thing. I can hit with full poly for hours and feel great but I can feel discomfort from using kevlar for 20 mins.
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    Tell me what 5 poly strings I should get for christmas!!!

    For the OP: My favorites: Pro Line II 1.15 Touch Turbo 17 hoodjem, out of Lux bb ace 1.12, and Kirsch Pro Line II 1.15, which did you prefer? where do they differ? I've hit with Pro Line II 1.15 and loved it and wonder how bb ace compares.
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    Why Cruel World... WHY????

    Here's my advice, buy a new one to hang on the wall because if you play with it, paint chips will happen. Use your current one to play tennis, it'll be great because now you will be more willing to scrape and save the low balls off the court.
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    Max times to string a racquet before replacing it?

    Being a recreational player, I would only replace a racquet if it cracks. No point in blaming lost points my racquet. More stiffness does not equate to better not that you'd feel it anyways since the whole process is gradual.
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    No Tennis Elbow with Big Banger Original, Should I try Alu Rough?

    I think Original is stiffer than ALU Rough so you shouldn't have trouble in terms of tennis elbow. Just give it a try, the worst that could happen is you cut it out if you don't like it.