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    Kournikova Sued by Parents Over Home

    Susan, the point is: Anna must be fcked up. For all the $$ she has made over the last 8 years, why not GIVE your parents the house and buy another one for yourself if you can't get alone. It's not like you can't afford it! She owes everything to her parents for giving her the opportunity to...
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    Grinder, human backboard, Belter?, Pusher? what else?

    Yep, just what I though, C_urala is Phil's biatch. Don't stop suddenly, Phil, you'll get C_Urala's nose up your a_hole. Then again, is it you that rims him?
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    Grinder, human backboard, Belter?, Pusher? what else?

    Yep, Phil is a miserable SOB and wants company. It's better to ignore him because he won't relent. He'll probably attack me for this post. What the hell is up with C_Urala, are you a Phil wannabe? Are you his lap dog? Do you feed off of Phil's crumbs? You support that @sshole, so you are...
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    Anna K to play Wimbledon!!!

    Play what, twister on Center Court?
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    I hate Demented-Eva!

    C_U, your arguments are a bit extreme: sex with fans??? Stop the match to sign??? What kind of extreme world are you living in? If the fan base/popularity had not grown, these players would be playing on grass courts in the old clubs with about 800 people watching with no TV contracts. The...
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    Huh, he can't volley and I don't think he's ever won a doubles title and you project him to win a ton of mixed slams?
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    roddick davis cup

    He's playing well but he is annoying. When he hits a great shot, he looks up arrogantly to the crowd like,"can you believe the shot that I just hit?" He's an in-your-face FIGJAM type of guy, with his lap dog coach. I would like to see the U.S. win but would rather have Fish the torch burner.
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    Donald Young the next great

    You really have to see his game to judge. Winning is really not everything in juniors. Some of the more dominate juniors are the most crafty topspin moonballing retrievers who won't make a dent on the circuit.
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    how hot is hantuchova

    Nice pic's, Dudes!
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    What are the best tennis rivalries???

    Deuce vs. Phil!
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    MaSha, guess who's on the cover of Tennis Mag?

    Yeah, the cover is not the best picture of her. She looks her best when she smiles.
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    What are the best tennis rivalries???

    Sampras-Agassi, Graf-Seles, McEnroe-Borg, McEnroe-Lendl, the upcoming Federer-Roddick...
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    how hot is hantuchova

    I would like her to win more so we can see more of her. Who is her coach nowadays?
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    topspin, you don't have kids either, huh? Actually, one of the niciest things about Hingas was that she was very good to kids and would go out of her way to take time and sign autographs even when security wanted to usher her away. I guess she was a kid in that regard. Speaking about baseball...
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    Hey tennis guy, why are you so judgemental? These players should give back to their fans. If they choose not to, why should we like them? It's so easy to please young fans because sports endorsement is all about the fan base. That's what makes baseball such a pro-fan sport. Catching a home...
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    How to contact Professionals

    Like what, what can he possibly do for her except adore her as a fan? What is wrong with asking nicely? If these players didn't have fans and were not popular, they wouldn't get the $$$ endorsement contracts. What goes around comes around for these players. They shouldn't bite the hand that...
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    How to contact Professionals

    Urala, Hewitt's post was just a joke! You must be the only guy on the board that has played on ice.
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    top players live

    Malisse has alot of natural talent, too bad he has no head.
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    She doesn't want it enough to work like the dickens and still may be unable to beat the sisters.
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    top players live

    Who here has been to the 4 slams?
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    how hot is hantuchova

    Maria & Daniella should play doubles together, it may revive the doubles format!
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    If Seles were wearing a kevlar vest that day...

    Yep, she was great and probably would have dominated but nowadays she can't keep away from the food table. She's a chubster who will probably retire.
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    Should Hewitt Change racquet to get more power?

    Looks like Hewitt's career track is following that of Chang's. His early results although quite remakable is not sustainable. He can still be a top 10 player, like Chang, but his days of dominance and slams are done. His strokes, especially his forehand is too loopy to hit winners. I think...
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    ROK update....

    Thanks for the update, Dude.
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    Hewitt on Clay

    Hewitt doesn't generate enough of his own power to put away ball on the dirt. He's an excellent counter puncher who uses the opponents pace on the ball but finds it hard to generate his own pace. Moya once said that Hewitt has trouble with topspin Spanish players.
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    so, roddick is wearing glasses?

    That may be so,,,but would you face 98 mph without your glasses. Alos all the serves speeds are a bunch of hype, they measure the speed when it leaves the racquet. After it hits the ground and approaches the receiver there is NO WAY the serve is moving 148 mph, more like 119mph anyways.
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    Is USA Tennis in trouble?

    Tennis is in deep Sh$t. Not too many people are interested. It's a long way from where it was in the 70's....and the USTA is the blame.
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    Goran Ivanisevic? What has to be said about him?

    I'm glad he won Wimbledon,. It was one of the most emotional Wimbledon's ever.