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  1. crawl4

    Your all missing the point Re: Serena

    I despise Serena and am not defending her at all but to call a foot fault at that instant was uncalled for. She had not been pinned earlier in the match (correct me if im wrong) and at that circumstance the line official should have known what such implications would have. I know 'rules are...
  2. crawl4

    Will Nadal complete a career grand slam?

    For 2 years or so, I have never thought Rafa would ever win a hard court slam so when he won the Australian Open this year, I was extremely suprised. Of course these forums after seeing this, were already posting threads like "will nadal complete a calender slam" and "is that it for federer"...
  3. crawl4

    Haas blew it, Federer nearly blew it..

    Well you have to feel sorry for Tommy. One point away from being 5-3 up in the 3rd, most people would have backed him to win from there. Then from blowing the third set, the 4th set turned to a disaster and by the 5th set their was almost no hope. Even though I am an avid fedfan, I couldnt stand...
  4. crawl4

    Nadal's pain

    Im a huge fed fan and felt horrible after last night but saying that i have so much admiration for rafa, especially after playing 9 hours of tennis in 3 days. Nadal is the most determined player i have probably ever seen, its was extraordinary last night. During the presentation, despite...
  5. crawl4

    Nadal's aura

    Ive watched some of nadal's hardcourt matches in Toronto and Cincinnati and he looks very impressive and much improved. The commentator's though have been praising him which some would agree with but they are saying that he has an 'aura' much like federer has had for 4 1/2 years. Do you...
  6. crawl4

    Wimbledon declared 'Greatest Match Ever'

    America's leading sports weekly, Sports Illustrated, is this week featuring Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer on its cover, declaring that their five-set Wimbledon final is the greatest tennis match ever played. Sports Illustrated senior writer L. Jon Wertheim says, “In a spellbinding men’s...
  7. crawl4

    prince woddie rare?

    are the 80's prince woddies really rare or worth anything as i can get one for a decent price?
  8. crawl4

    i almost fainted..

    i was talking with my friend this afternoon and we were talking about tennis and i was saying how i use a heavier frame to her and then she said she has a k90..and im like sweet why dont you use that? and shes like i dont like it that much, "i think my brother might have smashed it" and i said...
  9. crawl4

    increasing swingweight and handle

    hope this isnt a stupid question but anyway, say i add 4 grams of lead tape on the 9 and 3 positions of the head and i add 12 grams to the handle it wouldnt counter the weight that i put on? The reason i want this done is because i want to increase the swingweight on my kblade but also make it...
  10. crawl4

    hows your bracket going?

    yay, 74 pts-792nd..moving up the ranks :)
  11. crawl4

    question for kb tour users

    kblade customization help Has any added weight on their kblade, if so where abouts and how looking to experiment with mine so any comments on this will be appreciated. thanks
  12. crawl4

    Who will win monte carlo?

    just interested to see what the second most popular answer will be after nadal
  13. crawl4

    is this a pro tour 630/280??

    its hard to see without a closeup..much appreciated
  14. crawl4

    Daveydenko interview estoril (spoiler)

    Interview with federer and davey before there Estoril final..look what davey says, :twisted:
  15. crawl4

    confused about this max 200g??

    well i saw it for such a cheap price at $70 :O but when i look at it it says max this a different model released, im really confused.. heres a couple of pics
  16. crawl4

    is the mw 200g 95 a classic?

    After creating a thread asking what racquet it is and searching the threads on the mw, theres been so much praise even though it is a fairly recent frame and has even been compared to other great frames like the ps and pro tour.. So is it a classic or not?
  17. crawl4

    what muscle weave is this??

    a friend is offering to sell this to me but i have no idea what muscle weave this is..could some please tell me thanx
  18. crawl4

    What racquet is this?

    and is it rare?..(one on the far right) it's like one of the Bjorn Borg Bancroft ones
  19. crawl4

    problem with BH volleys

    the past couple of weeks i have been improving my volleys both forehand and backhand as they are one of the weakest shots in my game. I still need practise but much improvement has been made and generally my fh and bh for the most part are solid. The main area that i am still struggling with...
  20. crawl4

    ATP rankings

    1.Federer, Roger (SUI)-6600 2.Nadal, Rafael (ESP)-5930 3.Djokovic, Novak (SRB)-4785 4.Davydenko, Nikolay (RUS)-3175 5.Ferrer, David (ESP)-2570 6.Roddick, Andy (USA)-2260 7.Nalbandian, David (ARG)-2070 8.Blake, James (USA)-1920 9.Berdych, Tomas (CZE)-1875 10.Gasquet, Richard...
  21. crawl4

    string questions

    i just bought my kblade tour unstrung and am looking at strings to test it out with which i will buy tomorrow just wondering how bb original there any power or is it mainly control and do you recommend hybrid with some gut on the mains/crosses? and also how is technifibre X-One...
  22. crawl4

    what are good strings??!

    for the kblade tour? im a noob at this stuff
  23. crawl4

    Do most PROS??

    use like, racquets that have been tweaked or customised,after reading a lot of threads it sounds as if many have thanx