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    Superb deal with Rui Manito!

    As said this guy was great. Bought 2 Price Textremes 100p from him for super cheap price. Racquets are as new. Communication was great, seller also made a vid of the racquets and provided a tracking number for the package. Shipping was super fast. Recommend dealing with this gentlemen very much.
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    Welcome back Juan Martin!

    This man deserves a thread of his own. Saw the match yesterday where he demolished Grigor and I have to say we saw some superb hitting from Juan. Lets hope he can keep it at this level and stays healthy enough to be able to compete. Such a great player to watch.
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    Deciding between 2 sticks!

    Hi Looking to change gear. I am playing with Prince O3 Tour for some time but want to change. I discovered that around 315gr is my ideal weight. 300gr is too light and 330gr is too heavy. So I was looking for 2 choices. First is Pure Drive Tour and second Prince Original Graphite 100. Anyone...
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    Prince Response 97 discontinued?

    Hi Just bought this stick for the crazy low price of 60 Euros. Is this frame gonna be discontinued cause I also cant find it on Prince official site? Gonna take it for a test drive today and see how it plays. Seems like a good solid stick.
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    Need to decide between those 2 classics!

    Hi Been a long time Prince user. Played way back with POG Mid, currently playing Prince 03 Tour. The budget now alows me to buy a new racquet and it came down to new revised 2 classics. Prince POG 100 and Prince Response 97. I know the sticks are new and not so much available on the market...
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    Wanted - Head Youtek or IG Prestige MP!

    Hi Looking for good condition Head Youtek or Head IG prestige MP 18x20 grip L4 for reasonable price. Preferably sellers from Europe.
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    Something similar to PSC 6.1 lighter!

    Hi I have been playing with Pro Staff Classic 18x20 strung with BB Alu Power. We all know this stick is legendary and it's one of the greatest all court sticks that just begs for chip and charge and volleying. I also tried other 100 inch Prince sticks and they all lacked that feel on the net...
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    Deciding between 2 sticks?

    Hi Just want some opinions or experiences so I can easily decide. I am deciding between Wilson BLX Blase 98. Heard a lot of good things about the previous version so this stick must have something special. But I always wanted to try out Yonex racquet so the other option is Yonex RDiS 100 98. I...
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    Need a recommendation!

    Hi Had a bad day today and smashed my Prince O3 Tour to pieces. So I am on the hunt for a new frame. I have my eyes set on Prince Speedport Tour, Yonex RDS OO1 Midplus or maybe Wilson Kblade 98. Any tips are welcome. Thanks.
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    Hybrid stringing question!

    Hi My friend has a question concerning the hybrid stringing. He wants to know if he can also start stringing the crosses at the top? He has been stringing them from the throat up and wants to know if it is also ok if he starts stringing crosses from the top to the bottom. Thanks for the...
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    Wanted: POG Mid 4 1/2 grip!

    Just starting the new season and am looking for fair priced POG Mid in good condition with 4 1/2 grip as a replacement racquet.
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    Pure Drive GT or PD Cortex?

    Hi So I came down to the decision I will buy Babolat Pure Drive. I tested Pure Drive Cortex and it feels good. (right weight etc). I just wanna know if Pure Drive GT offers something more or is it similar than Cortex?
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    Transitioning to semi-western forehand!

    Hi Is there anyone else still here from the old school that still plays with eastern forehand as myself? I want to know if it's worth it to transition to semi-western. As I am aware 99% of modern players play with semi-western. I need more spin on my stroke and consistency so I think...
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    Deciding between the Babolat PD or Pure Storm Tour!

    Hi It came down to the final showdown between those 2 racquets for me. I heard a lot of good things about the Pure Drive and also Pure Storm Tour also sounds like a great all-court stick. PS 6.1 just became too demanding and I need a great stick that is lighter and more forgiving. I am an all...
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    Something similar to PS 6.1!

    Hi Can someone recommend something similar to this legendar Wilson PS 6.1 line? I am talking about the 333 grams version. Is there something equally stable, all around great stick with 18x20 pattern that plays so good but in a little ligter weight around 315-320 grams?
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    Gaudio is back!

    I just saw the draw and seen that this psycho is back with a vengeance. Such a great player. My fav player back in the days. His droppers, down the line backhands and his forehand were really great. It's ggod to see him back in Paris and I hope he competes well in the tournament. Welcome back...
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    What to buy?

    Hi I am in a process of buying a new stick. My last racquet was Prince O3 Tour but didn't suit me well. It was not so agressive, volleys were not ok and slice was not biting. I always loved PS 6.1 line. It is so solid allcourt stick and I always enjoyed putting away those short balls with a...
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    Frustrated by the back pain!

    Hi I am sure probably this topic has been discused before but how did you guys managed to cope with back problems. I am a recreational player and this season my back is giving me constant problems. It seems some nerve is pinched down there because I am not moving well arounf the court and...
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    Need an ID on a stick!

    Hi Can someone please id this stick. It looks to me like Pro Tour and I heard that Pro Tours are the sweetest sticks out there. So is this stick worth having or not?
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    Trade Prince O3 Tour Midplus 4 1/2 for POG OS 4 1/2

    Hi I would be interested to trade my Prince O3 Tour Midplus for Prince Original Graphite. Grip is 4 1/2 and I am also looking to trade for the grip. My O3 is around 9/10 condition so I expect the same from the POG. If anyone is interested pm me to the mail shamaan75(at)
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    Can someone translate this!

    Was browsing a little and got a little nostalgic for a good claycourter and found this clip of Rafa and El Gato. Can someone translate what this was all about:
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    Back pain!

    Hi I really have some major back pain problems lately. I now lasts for like 2 or 3 months I think. I was playing competitive volleybal in my younger years and I play tennis recreationally now for 4 years. I tried all kind of exercises but it's still the same thing. I still want to play easy...
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    FS: 2 Wilson Nblade 98 (Midplus) grip 4 - 4 1/2

    Hi I am selling 2 slightly used Wilson Nblades. They are both 9/10 condition and have only been played with for about 2 months. One is strung with Luxilon Big Banger Original and the other one with Signum Pro Poly-plasma. My price is 200$ for both + shipping. The shipping costs will be...
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    Stringing Prince O3!

    Hi I just want to know if Prince O3 can be stringed without the Bumerang thing (little piece of plastic).?
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    FT: Wilson NBlade for Prince 03!

    Hi Have one 9/10 (2 months old) NBlade 98 sq in. The grip is 4 1/2. I am looking to trade it for Prince O3 Tour MidPlus. The grip must be 4 1/2 also. The quality of 8.5 to 9 is prefered. If anyone is interested email me at: shamaan75 at or post here. Thanks for looking.
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    Your Signum Pro Poly Plasma setup!

    Hi I strung my Nblade with SPPP and set the tension to 24kg. But I still feel it's too stiff and board like feeling. How do you string your SPPP (in kg's)? How low can I go? I need a soft feeling stringbed and I don't like stiff setups. Thanks.
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    Eagnas stringing machines!

    Hi I want to buy some solid and cheap stringing machine. I did a little searching and came to Eagnas machines. Saw this little beauty for just 179 bucks: Looks really good. Anyone has any experiences with Eagnas machines? What machine would you guys...
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    Something similar to POG Mid?

    Hi I really love POG Mid but I really have a problem with string breaking. My opinion is that this pattern is just a little too extreme. Is there a racquet that plays with a similar feel as POG but has just a little bit denser pattern? Thanks.
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    Speed drills!

    Hi I am a 32 year old recreational player and love the game. But as we all know that after the 30-ties the speed of the legs goes down and I can notice that my movement is becoming too static which causes the strokes to suffer. I am doing some body weight strength training (abs, push ups and...
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    FT: Wilson NBlade 98 for Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 18x20

    Hi I have almost new 2 months played 9.5/10 Wilson NBlade 98 and would like to trade it for the Wilson Hyper Pro staff 6.1 (preferably 9/10, or 8/10) 18x20 string pattern. The grip of my Nblade is 4 (4 1/2). I am also looking for the Pro Staff with the same 4 (4 1/2) grip. If anyone is...