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  1. Salsa_Lover

    Darren Cahill - Fed Would Not Have Beaten Rafa

    If my grandmother hasn't died, she'd be alive.
  2. Salsa_Lover

    Ranking Question?

    We need Justine Henin back !
  3. Salsa_Lover

    whats the difference between hard court and indoor court

    The indoor courts we have here are carpet with some artificial sand over them. They have it in green and red color and renew the sand from time to time. I guess the sand make it closer to clay. I play there when it is rainy outside and I have to adapt my game and strokes as normal hits...
  4. Salsa_Lover

    American male tennis.Any reason for hope?

    Maybe if Americans modify tennis in the way they did with rugby and cricket for example, turning them into american football and baseball. Like that there would be a lot less of nations playing that new sport and then americans can excel on it. PS. calm down, it was a joke :)
  5. Salsa_Lover

    Put your racquet where your mouth is Djokovic

    I'm glad Safin is winning again, after those Himalaya climbs. Go Safin !
  6. Salsa_Lover

    Federer's belt!!! hahahahah

    That is right to the point ! Someone saw the interview of Djokovic on Eurosport, when he does the Rolad Garros Quizz, and he fails all the questions and at the end apologizes saying "I know nothing about tennis history" ?
  7. Salsa_Lover

    Federer's belt!!! hahahahah

    The shorts look the right size and also his shirts are. many people wear oversized clothing, but this doesn't make it right.
  8. Salsa_Lover

    Funny pic

    No, it is true check out this video at 0:36
  9. Salsa_Lover

    Federer reveals the size of his...

    Yes Klatu, Swiss girls are hot ! Come over here and you'll see :)
  10. Salsa_Lover

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    That's my girl !
  11. Salsa_Lover

    Har-Tru in Europe

    in fact, red clay looks right and natural to me. green clay on the other side, looks artificial.
  12. Salsa_Lover

    Har-Tru in Europe

    I've seen green clay only in one club here in Zürich. all the rest are red
  13. Salsa_Lover

    How common are clay courts in Europe?

    Here in Zürich, outdoor courts are clay, 95% red, maybe 5% green. Most indoor courts are carpet. I've seen some hardcourts in private installations.
  14. Salsa_Lover

    Henin's big regret!

    Sure, but I think the most fair thing was to left her there, those were earned points. She will lose them as she doesn't play, but she had some 4000 points more than Sharapova and so then the fair thing is that she had to win them and Justine to lose them for not playing before becoming the #1.
  15. Salsa_Lover

    Henin's big regret!

    She is the best that had hapenned to women's tennis the last years. She'll for sure missed. my big regret about her retirement is that she left Shriekapova as #1 by default :evil:, Why they didn't kept her name on the list and let the others fight to get the #1 position the natural way...
  16. Salsa_Lover

    Why is it "cool" to wear shades for beach volleyball and not for tennis?

    I've got the Adidas Evil Eye Pro, those were designed for cycling but I wear them to do sports in general, tennis, soccer etc. They have a sweat band that protect your eyes from the forehead and hair sweat, antifog and a curved shape perfect for sports. with interchangeable lenses, you...
  17. Salsa_Lover

    what was nadal medical time out was for

    The technician changed one processor chip of his leg, the one he keeps tweaking when he picks his butt. Seems that the circuits worked well after that ;)
  18. Salsa_Lover

    Gasquet considering skipping the French

    When I read some of the posts you guys made, I can't avoid to imagine that those are posts coming from some coach potato who can't beat a junior at the local club but has a big mouth on an anonymous forum. C'mon guys, he is a pro, a top 10, you don't get there by luck. You have to work...
  19. Salsa_Lover

    Henin or Ena?

    Yes you are right It is pronounced eh-nan eh, like the "E" on Error n, like n ;) an, like the "un" on unconscious. The last syllabe is nasalised, pronounced like when you have a cold. phonetic ĕ-n-ŭn Henin ! She rules !
  20. Salsa_Lover

    Should Henin retire? ... Well she did.

    So true, I watched the match between Azarenka and Safina in Berlin. So awful. They weren't even trying to build points, just hit as hard as they could to make the opponent fail. Finally the pounding took on Azarenka who was apparently injured and couldn't play well anymore. Will...
  21. Salsa_Lover

    Spoler....Nadals performance at Rome proves Fed has no chance

    So, now that the balls in your court is on my ignore list, I, thank God, can't see his posts. But I still can see the threads he starts. How can I get his threads to become invisible too ?
  22. Salsa_Lover

    playing tennis with a girl that i like

    I fixed that for you ;)
  23. Salsa_Lover

    Tennis myths that really annoy me

    Those girls are cute tennis players. But they are not hot. Many girls I know and go dance with are way hotter than those 3 But alas, they are not top 10 tennis players ;)
  24. Salsa_Lover

    [Spoiler] Nadal vs. Ferrero

    LOL he should switch to feathers for the rest of the clay season ;)
  25. Salsa_Lover

    Wow...Gasquet has so much talent...

    Gasquet has the talent, he has the strokes, the game and the style to be among the great. The problem with him is the excessive expectation and preassure the family, french press etc has put on him since he was 12. He was doing well enough to be among the top 10, but everybody was telling...
  26. Salsa_Lover

    Federer is a Superhero

    The fact is that Federer has the highest concentration of midi-chlorians on the tour history. that's all.
  27. Salsa_Lover

    Rafael Nadal closes gap on Roger Federer in men's tennis rankings

    He has been closing the gap the last 4 years...
  28. Salsa_Lover

    What should Maria Sharapova do?

    +1 She should just shut up and do the shoot. The girl is making millions out of the WTA tour events. What has she to complain about if the WTA needs to use the image of the top players to promote and get then sponsorhips and business that will end paying them when they win or play on the...