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  1. Salsa_Lover

    Wilson PS 6.0 experts please help

    Hello, There is somebody that is selling a lot of old rackets, 20 rackets on a lot. he posted these pictures and I am pretty sure there are 2 PS 6.0 in the lot. However my 2 PS 85 didn't come with those same covers, mine say PRO STAFF si 6.0 From the pic I can't tell if they are PS...
  2. Salsa_Lover

    The cheap Dollar

    Incredible ! Today the dollar was valued just under the Swiss Franc 0.99 CHF for 1 USD And it seems it will continue to sink. 10 years ago exactly it was 1.80 CHF for 1 USD 5 years ago 1.50 CHF for 1 USD I am taking profit of it and buying tennis stuff from TW benefiting on the...
  3. Salsa_Lover

    Will Anna Chakvedatze be the next Justine Henin

    I have been watching Anna Chakvedatze recently and I am liking her play more and more. Sure she needs yet to develop a better weapon as she is overplayed by the heavy hitters Sharapova & Co. But she makes me think on Justine Henin, that having no big serve or and not being a strong hitter...