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    Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph - red or black

    I must have missed a lot of history here (yes I have been on another planet for the last three years) as even my searches of the boards do not produce any recent results.But what was the story here, red/black came first and then EXACTLY same racket has been re-painted all black? black one...
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    Crosses - soft feel but resistant to grind

    Hi Would appreciate any suggestions for cross strings to poly mains. The way I break strings is always same way - I grind away cross string in the middle of the racket until it breaks. I have used Gosen OG sheep Micro for many years but wouldn't mind something new. Got a bunch of Volkl V-feel...
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    In search for clay shoe for hot weather

    Good day folks. Just run out of my stock of tennis shoes and looking for a new one. Here are my requirements: - herringbone thread, like clay shoe. However the shoes will be used exclusively on sand filled carpet courts, also known as omni courts. Very typical in rural Australia - hot weather...
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    Aus Open was a class act!

    Not to put down the other three Slams, but the Aussie Open has done a great job. The final ceremony was magnificent, former champions carrying the Cup was nice touch. The players seem to be pleased, great organization was mentioned numerous times. Video analysis, frequent slow motions...
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    New Ki5

    Anyone has tried it? Any difference from old Ki5? TW mentions only paint job. I don't quite understand why to change look and not to change anything in the racquet, what's the point?
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    TW Search engine

    I wonder how to make search engine to search for threads that contain ALL the key words? Not ANY of the words, but ALL of the them? Like "word1 and word2 and word3", not "word1 or word2 or word3"? Thanks TW
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    Swingweight rule

    Looking through my old personal notebook found this note I made for myself like 7-8 years ago: 1g at 3-9 adds 2g of swingweight 1g at 6 adds 0.5g of SW 10g in the handle adds 1g of SW it works for any racket I don't remember how I worked it out, there was probably some heavy math...
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    Yet another Kinetic 5g experience

    Got my new 5g, blind buy on specs, strung for free by TW with cheap synthetic at 62/60 I think I will make it work, but it's not really playable in stock form. Compared to HM 200g and Head Classic Pro I was hitting with...much less stability and plowthrough. I guess not enough mass there...
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    Stringing Pro 5g

    The TW description states that the racket is designed for One piece stringing. I wonder if anyone has tried two piece stringing for this racket. Does it work? Thanks!
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    what is Junior Microgel Prestige 26+ grip size?

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    Can 5g pro be strung two piece?

    without any harm to the racket and what is string pattern then, e.g. crosses and mains fix points? Thanks
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    Shock absorbing racquet materials

    I was just wondering if any modern advances in materials caused appearance of racquets that are more arm friendly than Kinetic line. Kinetic line is quite an old technology. It was around for, what, 5-7 years or more? The Kinetic racquets are made of ultra high modulus graphite which allegedly...
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    Next racket choice for aging player

    I've been playing with heavy flexible sticks, like ProStaff Zone 7.1, MP5, CAT10. Have been swinging HM200g for the last three years. Of lately, noticed that more often than I want I began being late for that full swing the racket demands. I think it's time for me to move on to a bit more...
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    Backhand slice grip

    Hi I am hitting with this supremely talented young player who is trying to up his ranking in OZ and I am just one of the few people in our small town that can return his shots back. Anyway, the guy has generally great forehand, backhand, serve, net game, the only small weakness I could...
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    suggestions for most flexible shoes

    any suggestions for most flexible (at the ball of the foot), shock absorbing and light shoes? Nasty PF here. Thanks or just flexible?
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    Plantar Fasciitis

    Any PF sufferers out there? How are you coping? Any new treatments, except old stretching, icing and orthotics? Do you think rest is good? My road is almost a year long now
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    Deleted thread?

    Hi I have started a thread about Safin in General, it has disappeared. I winder why? Thanks
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    Any where to go from Pro plasma HEXtreme?

    More spin, power,etc? Anything has other advantages to consider. Appreciate any advice. Thanks
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    Safin is great and there is no other Safin

    Oh my God! That's why we still love the guy. When he plays his best like in 3rd and 4th round against Bahgdatis, there is no one else you want to watch. The excitement and thrill and drama he brings to the game is incredible. It's captivating, eyes wide open tennis spectacle. It's Bolshoy...
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    Russia Fed Cup captain says denied U.S. visa MOSCOW, July 9 (Reuters) - Russia's tennis chief said on Monday he had been denied a U.S. visa to accompany his team for this week's Fed Cup semi-final against the United States and accused authorities of hampering his...
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    Return in doubles

    Have moved up one division, and all of a sudden - out of water. My serve, groundtrokes are still in par with everyone else, or even above the average, but have difficulty with returning. Cannot return fast kick serves with control, especially when there is good netman on the other side. This...
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    Poly against Iso-Speed Control

    I love poly string, especially strings like Pro Hurricane, SPPP, Big Hitter. Mostly because they don't break (any multi or nylon last only below 8-10 hours). Less than 10 hours for me is no good as I don't have time to string every week. Also poly has great control and access to spin, plenty of...
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    Another high pitch shrieker

    AO mixed doubles finalist Victoria Azarenka has even higher pitch than Sharapova. Nobody complains just yet.....untill she start winning a lot. Then all the envious whingers will start swarming all over again, biting, biting, biting... Maybe the girls should have a voice operation done to...
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    Synthetic grass ( green carpet) in Australia

    Not sure where to place this thread..... In our club we have synthetic grass cover - basically green carpet sack filled with sand and laid over dirt. IMO the surface is fast and low bounce - horrible for TS. But it's OK - it's all we've got. But couple of days ago some smart asses have put...
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    Please help with a strategy to win

    I am constantly losing to this guy, he is a better player, but I want to give him a good battle. At the moment I just feel helpless, lost 6-2, 6-3 last time. Could you please help me to work out a strategy that would maximize my strengths. Me: - Aggressive baseliner, good topspin from...
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    Navratilova comments about racquets and strings

    She suggested to limit head size of the racquets, then she she said that strings should be dealt with too. But the article didn't say what she wants to have done with strings. Any ideas?
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    Racquet specs - listed and real

    My two last purchases at TW: Yonex MP Tour 5 Strung weight listed at TW - 11.2 (318g) The one arrived strung with 17g string - 11.9 (337g) Head Classic Tour Strung weight listed at TW - 12.1 (343g) The one arrived strung with 17g...
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    what's happenning to tennis in US, Aistralia, Britain?

    I just had a look at a second round of Monte-Carlo Masters draw - there are no players there from the above mentioned countries. What the heck is going on? And these three countries each host Grand Slam. And while the fact that English are not there is not very surprising - they suck in...
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    Grip size and balance point

    How do the manufacturers manage different grip sizes and keep same balance point? Does it mean that they make different frame for each grip size, even if it's the same model?
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    Grip sizes and the brand relationship

    To me, grip size 4 1/4 of Volkl feels bigger that 4 1/4 of Wilson. Have you found that same grip size feels different from one brand to another? What do you think of Head grip sizes? Where do they stand?