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    THIS is why Federer is the greatest...

    Favorite Food: Veal Cordon Bleu Hey, if people are selectively nitpicking as to why Fed is, or isn't the greatest, (Beyond the obvious stat), then I should be able to have some fun too.
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    Why is there a NEED for a GOAT

    Serious question. Why do you all need to argue incessantly who the GOAT is? By the very definition alone, there can't be one until "All Time" has expired; and if you're reading this, it hasn't. So really, I'm curious to you die hard fans, what's the obsession of trying to prove why the person...
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    No More Excuses

    Stop with all the excuses already. Stop with all the Federer Injuries vs. Nadal Injuries. The Australian Open 2014 championship match was all about Wawrinka Vs. Nadal. Talk about Wawrinka Vs. Nadal, not about Federer Vs Nadal, or Federer injuries vs Nadal injuries, etc. etc. Nadal was...
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    Wanted: Boris Becker 11 Special Edition

    Looking for BB 11 SE. It doesn't have to be in pristine condition, as long as the configuration (specs) are original. Preferable in L3 (4 3/8), but L4 (4 1/2) would be awesome to. Email me: Thanks!
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    Let's be serious and mature now

    First things first, congratulation to Rafael Nadal, and Rafael Nadal fans. The man did his thing, and all his hard work paid off accumulating into a 2013 US Open Trophy. For the fans who think this just solidifies his claim to GOAT, I can respect your viewpoint. Secondly, why is there such...
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    What will you all consider a successful switch for Roger Federer

    People on these boards been saying for a while, "Federer needs to switch to a bigger racket." Fair enough. Now that he has (hopefully for more than a couple matches); how would you gauge if he's successful or not. Does he need to win 1, 2, 3+ more grand slams? What if he never ever shanks...
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    Do the commentators even know who Nadal is playing

    Seems like a Nadal tribute by the commentators. I swear, if I was just listening to the match, and not watching, I wouldn't know who Nadal was playing. For every 25 comments on Nadal, they'll say something arbitrary about Ferrer. Even when they were commenting about the protesters and the...
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    A Forum Dedicated to Federer/Nadal

    Can the mods just make a forum dedicated to the *******/********* arguments already? I remember when this forum was about "General Pro Player Discussion". Here the reality check - *********s - No matter how much you bring up facts, twist them to your liking, or re-prioritize to suit your...
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    Djokovich should switch to a Head YOUTEK IG Speed 18x20 or . . .

    ... Head Microgel Extreme... I'm kidding of course. I'm just poking fun at all "Federer should switch..." posts. But hey, according to the logic by those posters, Djokovich should in light of... Again, I'm kidding.
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    Nadal fans, a request

    I can't call myself a Nadal fan, however, I do respect and admire his game, Nadal as a tennis player, and especially Nadal as a person. Regardless of the outcome, win or lose, I'll imagine that Nadal will handle himself with the grace and professionalism, befitting of the Champion that he is...
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    How good will Nadal/Djokovic be a 30

    It's no secret that Roger is quickly approaching, or baskin in his twilight years. However, you have to admit, at 30 years of age, and to be #3 in the world is still quite an accomplishment, and on a good day can still be competitive, and have a boxer's chance against Nadal, and Djoker. So...
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    Specs on Donnay X-dual Pro

    Anyone else out there playing with the X-dual Pro (18x20), not to be confused with the pro one (16x19)? I'm curious as to what the specs said for your racket in terms of stiffness. Mine said it was 74, and I thought no way that it is. I even called Donnay, and they said it should be at 64...
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    What the heck?!?

    So apparently these professionals cry if someone is moving in the crowd, yet, hinderance is not called when you wave your arms around like a wounded duck during the place? Anybody else saw this during the the Karlovic/Del Potro match?
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    Chris Evert is a crappy commentator

    She's the ultimate armchair quarterback. All she ever does is complain about how a person plays. A player could be up 5-0, 40-0, and still have some kind of "improvement" commentary. She's getting as bad a Pam "I-was-the-greatest-player-you've-just-didnt-notice" Shriver
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    ESPN2 Wimbledon - Highlights Week 1

    AKA, the Williams sisters tribute. Seriously, who are they sleeping with at ESPN to get so much coverage. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike them, but last I recall, there were 126 other women, and 128 other men in the singles draw.
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    Who's calling the Djokovic/Gasquet Match?

    Who was commenting on the match on the tennis channel. Sounds like Tracy Austin, but I'm not sure. She's horrible. There is no cohesiveness to her rants, and she has that Sugar Ray Leonard pauses in here sentences. Hell there were times when she referred to the actions of the opposite...
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    Boris Becker 11 SE

    I missed my chance at them when they were still at TT. If anyone is looking and/or willing to unload one, let me know. Preferably stock, L4 grip size.
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    EXO3 Tour

    OOH.. so it looks like the exo3 tour 18x20, and 16x18 is now on the retail site. I'm curious though, it rates the stiffness at 52. It sounds like this racket might feel a little whippy. For those of your who tried this - did it feel like a 52?
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    Suggestions for a new thread

    I'm thinking of starting a thread. Do you think I should start one on Rafa, or Fed? Or better yet, how about a Rafa vs. Fed, and which one is the GOAT! <sarcasm>
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    Most over posted topics on this board

    Just for fun guys, what do you think is the most over overused, constantly recurring topics on this board??
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    Azarenka = Irritating

    I have to say, that watching Azarenka/Sharapova was probably one of the most irritating matches to listen to. Now we know Sharapova as a shrieker, but Azarenka takes it to the ultimate level. I've even noticed that her "moans" lasts well into her opponents hitting the ball. Can't this be...
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    Let me ask you this...

    How long did you all think that Federer was going to stay at the very top? Did you all think he was going to be #1 until he was 32? 33? 34+? A decline is inevitable, and yet many of you think that now he's #3, he isn't worth a contender consideration anymore. Heck, many of you are dismissing...
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    Rafa Nadal...

    ... would scare Chuck Norris into kicking his own arse so he wouldn't have to face him on the tennis court. Let me jump on the ******* train... NAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!
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    All the haters and wannabe haters

    It's amazing how many of you come out when the dominance of Federer "seems" to be in the twilight years. He may, or may not, be on the decline, however, you guys act as what he done in the past was all a fluke. That #3 is a complete an utter failure. Honestly, anyone who tasted #1 could be...
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    All the haters and wannabe haters

    It's amazing how many of you come out when the dominance of Federer "seems" to be in the twilight years. He may, or may not, be on the decline, however, you guys act as what he done in the past was all a fluke. That #3 is a complete an utter failure. Honestly, anyone who tasted #1 could be...
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    Modern day frames considered buttery

    Hey guys, it seems that the majority of todays frames feel really "tingy and hollow" as some of you may put it. Are there any modern day frames that you would consider buttery? I've demoed the Boris Becker 11 SE a while back, and I loved the feel, however, I wasn't able to really get back into...
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    You know what would be cool

    ... is to set up a tournament where all the top players just play with old school classic rackets. Make it the IROC of tennis if you will :) I would love to see Federer and Nadal go head to head playing with dunlop maxplys.
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    What this racket

    Hey TW, What's the white racket in the picture on your new aero pure drive review?
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    FS: Yamaha Secret 04, 4 1/2

    Hey guys, I'm not longer playing with and willing to part with a Yamaha Secret 04, L4 grip size. I'd rate the racket a 6/10. Looking for $60+shipping. Let me know if you have any questions. email:
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    What was your racket progression

    Hey guys, I know this will probably reveal our ages somewhat, but from the time you picked up tennis to today, what was your racket progression. :) I guess it should be appropriate that I start with mine... Dunlop MaxPly >> Wilson t-2000 >> Prince Pro >> Dunlop Max 200G >> Wilson Pro...