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    F/S: ALPHA BLU DC PLUS pickup in SOCAL

    I'll just start the price off at 700 OBO, best price on Thursday takes it home! Stay tuned for pictures late tomorrow night please send me a text or call 8058242867 for quickest response... I'm out of the house 14 hours out of the day... I have all the tools, calibrator, claps etc. Original box...
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    F/S: ALPHA BLU DC PLUS pickup in SOCAL

    Hello, I tried to email you but it got kicked back. Please send me an email.
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    F/S: ALPHA BLU DC PLUS pickup in SOCAL

    Hello all thanks for the reply... I will reply to all right now... won't be able to take pictures until tomorrow at least because it's not put together and I have to get to work. Best offer takes it.
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    F/S: ALPHA BLU DC PLUS pickup in SOCAL

    Hello everyone, I have an ALPHA BLU DC PLUS stringer sitting here that hasn't been used since 06. I'm in active duty and have no time to play... if anyone is interested and would like to pick it up I have it in it's box right now, will try to post pics sometime this week. I would say it's in...
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    How to pronounce this french name "Borduas" ?

    I believe it's pronounced bro-dus.
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    F/s 60gb Ipod Video White Used*

    Hi.. I'm not sure If I can sell this in here, but, it was for my personal use, on court and at the gym... hope it goes through. I started posting here in 2004, and left for a bit I have refereces with buying, I have posted items for sale but have not sold any yet. My stringer (Alpha Blu-DC...
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    FS/ Alpha BLU-DC PLUS

    9/10 condition, I strung about 100 racquets with it, then quit tennis, its sitting here im starting to play again but if someone can offer a good amount I ll let it go... got a bunch of strings too :) and... I might have references from buying racquets, I was a regular on here a year ago so...
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    2005 Best Overgrip

    I`ve used nothing but Wilson Pro for 3 years now, best I`ve ever used... Tourna Grip was okay, but needed to be replaced too often, because it tears... both are very nice grips though.
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    Pick your favorite episode!

    What the hecj!?
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    what classes you'll be taking

    English 4 Economics/American Government AP Algebra 2 Honors Chemistry Physiology *Digital Photography, Yearbook, or... some other class? LOL SENIOR FINALLY!!
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    your picture...
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    Any smokers in here?

    stop smoking, i quit drinking and poker all together now i have a beautiful girlfriend ; ) but back on topic.. my friend smokes before each volleyball practice hahaha he says it helps.. (not games though, he says it slows him down lol)
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    What do most couples do for fun?

    goto the beach ...
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    How old are you and how often to you play?

    im 17 i used to play everyday now i play once a month haha...
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    MTV VMA Performance

    Green Day won 7 awards, The Killers were awesome!! they were near the middle/end MR BRIGHTSIDE!!
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    What are things you and your girlfriend/boyfriend

    haha, my girlfriend makes me decide on what to do... Mostly the beach man... do whatever, go shopping, haha anything you want... but u dont get to talk much at movies... ; ) having a girlfriend is hard, not having one is harder... being a senior in HS. I remember my single days...
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    Stencil Ink

    I dont like ink, especially sharpies, it makes my strings dry and sticky and its hard to move and mess up my game ; ( IMO
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    Your Fastest Serve!

    I use the conquest and I get over 200 mph with it, amazing racquet ...
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    anyone use conquest?

    I think its the best racquet i ever bought.
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    Lower Calf Pain

    That happened to me after skating for 6 hours yesterday... and when I jump off the board and just stopped abruptly like you did to avoid the net and I felt that pain too. Its getting better now I just slept for about 20 hours catching up on 3 days missed.
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    Help! Camry or Accord or Corolla?

    I dont like Hondas they are kind of cheap, Id go with the Camry, but im 17 and I think im getting 06' Corolla S... personally I like Toyota over Honda... I believe Toyota has way better performance.. Hondas are a NO. IMO
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    How close are your nearest tennis courts?

    I take a few steps to my tennis court =p
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    Health section but.. what if I cramp in the middle of the ocean WHAT do I do? Has happened but I could touch the ground -_-'' close call
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    Job Interview

    LOL I hate it when people get jobs by who they know.. its okay.. and I ll have to agree COSTCO is the greatest store ever.. lifetime return policy and 6 months with computers .. man love that.. all I have to say is.. I love to shop here and Im sure I will love to work here as well, thank you...
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    Tennis in Antarctica

    Hey Rafter if I dont get that job... I ll go play tennis in Antartica with you..
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    String Machine to australia

    Thats true... machines are very expensive there.. but fed if you want a used on I might be able to send it overseas to you.. its HECKA heavy.. I ll think about taking it to ups or something though 80 LBS buddy... >.<
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    MASSIVE Cramping

    eat bananas.. your lucky your on concrete with your cramps.. I got a cramp in the middle of a pool of water yesterday :p
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    Job Interview

    thanks : ) lol I kinda goofed my last one (luckly it was a group one) took about 2 hours.. what a pain.. I hope this one goes well..
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    F/s Used Aplha Blu-dc Plus

    I have an alpha blu-dc plus for sale.. had it for about a year.. It might need new DD Clamps but other than that its a great machine, the knobs are scratched and paint chipped off because it hits the tensioner sometimes doesnt effect the machine though... I have the original box and everything...
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    Alpha BLU-DC PLUS

    please delete i dont know how sorry