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  1. rafaelnadalfan1234

    New Racquet suggestion

    I have been playing with the blx and kblade for almost three years. Recently I haven't been playing as much as I would have liked and I feel that it is time for a change. I am an aggressive baseliner type of player and I have a lot of top spin on my forehand. I want a racquet that is good on...
  2. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 (2Hundred)

    I hit with this racquet the other day and loved it. My ground strokes felt incredibly solid and my forehand was dropping with in with a lot more spin and power than I normally get with my blx blade. Is there any wilson racquet similar to this that I could try? Or is there a way to lead up my...
  3. rafaelnadalfan1234

    problem with Gamma 5800 ELS base

    one of my bases will not stay. i will clamp the string and then try to set the base and it will snap back to its resting position. i dont think oil would help because it seems too loose, but i am unsure what to do
  4. rafaelnadalfan1234

    barricade 7 vs kswiss bigshot vs ballistec 4.3

    i need a new shoe and i have been using the 3.3 and propulse 2s. i need a warranty for my shoes so ive narrowed my choice down to these three. i am leaning most towards the big shot because i like lighter shoes and they are also the cheapest. i dont like the 130 dollar price tag of the adidas...
  5. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Why do nike shoes increase in price every year?

    the courtballistecs and vapors are 130$. last year they were 125 and the year before 120$. i really think 130 is not worth it when the shoes last me like 3 months despite the 6 month warranty
  6. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Nike six month warranty

    ive got a pair of 2.3s that i want to turn in but i cant find the card that came with the shoes. is there a way i can get another warranty card?
  7. rafaelnadalfan1234

    New string for Kblade 98?

    i currently use gamma zo tour 16 on a kblade 98. i really like this string but when i break it, it has been dead 4 a while. what is a good polyester that is similar to zo tour, but that will last longer
  8. rafaelnadalfan1234

    how long does it take for barricade Vs to break in?

    i got my barricade Vs on monday and ive never used them before. i played with them on tuesday and they killed my feet. i played 2day and the same thing happened except at the end they felt better. are they pretty much broken in or do i still have a little more 2 go?
  9. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Barricade V or Ballistic 1.3

    which is a better shoe?
  10. rafaelnadalfan1234

    what wilson racquets are being discontinued?

    i know the k90 is and all the other ksix- ones are, but are any others being discontinued?
  11. rafaelnadalfan1234

    what are the differences between the kblade 98 and kblade tour

    what are the differences between these two racquets besides weight and head size?
  12. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Is Gamma Zo tour a good string

    i use a Babolat aeropro drive cortex and my strings broke today and i had heard this string was good so i am trying it. i previously used PHT 16 on the mains and xcel on the crosses and i wanted to try something different. did i make a good choice?
  13. rafaelnadalfan1234

    How to and how long will it take to get a six pack

    I'm 14 and I weigh 125 and I'm 5'5 I am not overweight but I don't have six pack I was wondering what exercises and what To eat to achieve this. Also about how long will it take? Thanks in advance
  14. rafaelnadalfan1234

    closest string to babolat vs natural gut

    i need the closest string to this because i want to cross it with luxillon and i dont want to spend 70 dollars getting my racquet strung
  15. rafaelnadalfan1234

    good string to cross wit pro hurricane

    i use PH 16 and babolat xcel, and i broke my strings today. i really liked this combo, but i wanted to try something different, i use a babolat APDC. i heard wilson enduro pro was good, but i am open to any suggestions
  16. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Nike socks

    can someone post a link on TW for the white nike socks that you can flip inside out and the nike symbol is the same on the outside. i recently purchased a pack of nike crews from a local store and you cannot do this with them
  17. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Nike Air CourtBallistec 1.2 Junior Shoe Customer feedback

    i was looking at the junior 1.2s for my own amusement and looked at the feedback two of the kids act liked they're sponsored Comments: I'm 11(days I hit 5 days a week and play tournaments on the weekends). I wanted to try something that was different from all the other shoes because for the...
  18. rafaelnadalfan1234

    how to beat a cheating pusher

    i played a kid for the #2 spot on my team and i lost 6-4. He normally hits it powerfully but whenever he plays a challenge match or a match like today he pushes it. last year i had to play double with him and he made us lose a lot of matches because he is so inconsistent he also cheated on...
  19. rafaelnadalfan1234

    nadal's miami clothes he has cages paint jobbed in yellow and black (you have to go to the bottom pictures and he is the last two)
  20. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Do the nike breathe free 2s come with six month guarantee?

    i just bought them and am wondering if they come with it. if they do will i get a 120 dollar voucher or only an 80 dollar one
  21. rafaelnadalfan1234

    best shoe for 79.99 and under

    i am playing high school tennis and i need a good shoe at 79.99 and under. i am open to any recommendations
  22. rafaelnadalfan1234

    new shoe for school season

    i need new shoe for my school season, and the shoes i am wearing now are the cage 2s. i liked these but i want to try something new. i am leaning toward the ballistics, but i am open to any suggestions, also color doesn't matter
  23. rafaelnadalfan1234

    tried on the new roddick shoe

    heres pics the are comfortable and they have a built in ankle strap to support your heel. a...
  24. rafaelnadalfan1234

    i want to buy a stringer

    i have talked to many people and thought for a while and i decided to buy a stringer. i have never strung a racquet before and i heard i should spend 400-600 $ on my first. i have heard the alpha revo 4000 is good, but i am open to any suggestions.
  25. rafaelnadalfan1234

    strings for Apdc

    I am now using pht 16 crossed with bab. xcel and i decided to change i liked this combination, but i want to try something different. i heard using soft strings like big ace and titan sg plus work well.
  26. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Is babolat duralast good string?

    i found some really cheap so i was wondering
  27. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Cheapest and best form of synthetic gut

    what is the least expensive and highest quality synthetic gut
  28. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Vapor V red/white vs Ballistic Black neon, etc vs Vapor Vl black

    i have narrowed my next shoe choice down to 3 which should i get
  29. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Ballistics question

    do they run small or large i am usually a 10, so what size should i get.
  30. rafaelnadalfan1234

    Vapor V or Vapor Vl

    which should i get