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    F/S: ALPHA BLU DC PLUS pickup in SOCAL

    Hello everyone, I have an ALPHA BLU DC PLUS stringer sitting here that hasn't been used since 06. I'm in active duty and have no time to play... if anyone is interested and would like to pick it up I have it in it's box right now, will try to post pics sometime this week. I would say it's in...
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    F/s 60gb Ipod Video White Used*

    Hi.. I'm not sure If I can sell this in here, but, it was for my personal use, on court and at the gym... hope it goes through. I started posting here in 2004, and left for a bit I have refereces with buying, I have posted items for sale but have not sold any yet. My stringer (Alpha Blu-DC...
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    FS/ Alpha BLU-DC PLUS

    9/10 condition, I strung about 100 racquets with it, then quit tennis, its sitting here im starting to play again but if someone can offer a good amount I ll let it go... got a bunch of strings too :) and... I might have references from buying racquets, I was a regular on here a year ago so...
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    anyone use conquest?

    I think its the best racquet i ever bought.
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    Health section but.. what if I cramp in the middle of the ocean WHAT do I do? Has happened but I could touch the ground -_-'' close call
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    F/s Used Aplha Blu-dc Plus

    I have an alpha blu-dc plus for sale.. had it for about a year.. It might need new DD Clamps but other than that its a great machine, the knobs are scratched and paint chipped off because it hits the tensioner sometimes doesnt effect the machine though... I have the original box and everything...
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    Alpha BLU-DC PLUS

    String For Sale fdgfdgfgfgfgd
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    Job Interview

    Well I have an interview as a Costco cashier assistant tomorrow, Im thinking of just going casual with just myself.. I need a work permit signed, would it be proper to bring it with me because im not employeed yet? If I get hired I can get the permit processed and ready to start monday? what do...
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    Cell Phones..

    Hey I bought a cell phone brand new for very cheap today, I told my friend about it and he says it may be stolen.. I bought it to sell now I have second thoughts should I sell it? It would be a waste of money if I didnt though.. darn :/ not another scam!
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    Bumps on legs

    on my calves the outter right leg gets these bumps and they hurt while running and its just real tight and stuff.. have no clue what it is, anyone know? (when i run or do intense workouts)
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    AWESOME SELLER - LEFTY10s David Huckaby

    SUPER FAST SHIPPING, good communication, item arrived as described thanks David! -jimmy.
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    FS/T: Wilson Hammer 5.2 -- Super-Six Bag -- Sunglasses

    Will only trade for POG or BABOLAT PURE DRIVE STANDARD . http://search.****.com/_W0QQsofindtypeZ15QQuseridZkangarooboiQQfclZ3QQsspagenameZhQ3AhQ3AadvsearchQ3AUSQQsofocusZbsQQcatrefZC5QQfromZR7QQpfidZ0QQsinceZ30QQfsopZ1QQfsooZ1QQfrppZ50 email me a price if you would like to buy it now. or...
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    Wanted: Babolat Pure Drive Standard 4 3/8 - 4 1/2

    email your price and I will email you back if I like your offer.. thank you!
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    Favorite Rock Bands

    Hi :P I like Alternative, and almost every kind of rock except metal here are some of the stuff I like: Story of the Year, Mae, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Sugarcult, Fall Out Boy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, AFI, Coheed and cambria....can someone introduce me to some new bands I want to...
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    Varsity Football

    Is it possible If I trainned 1 year to be a football player? Like full out weight training cardio everything? I have a tennis body 9% body fat 5'8 145 lbs... Think I can play varsity football because Im a Junior its too late for JV I know I can make JV... Ive never played on a team but have play...
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    BABOLAT PURE DRIVE TEAM 100 sq in head instructions

    please help I need this strung its getting late I have homework and I cant find these in instructions anywhere! Well I hopefully someone can help me .. Thanks a lot :D
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    Song check - EMO PUNK

    i put on the shirt that I BORROWED FROM MY BEST FRIEND its the one that HES NEVER GONNA SEE AGAIN im getting ready to go out,look FOR THAT ONE SPECIAL GIRL shes the one who gives me CHILLS WHEN I STAND NEXT TO HER does she know me? does she like me? can she even see the feelings BURNING...
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    Beginning Guitar Please Help!

    Hi can someone please help me choose a guitar im 16, im willing to spend up to $150 if its really a good idea or necessary... letme know if its better to spend a little more or something if anyone knows about guitars im taking a guitar class next year and planning to learn tabs right now ...
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    Uhh Im just clueless of how to string these babies... The racquet is due tomorrow along with a dunlop pro laser or what ever it is... there must be someone out there that have strung one of these... does anyone have the instruction for these? I found a post in old forums from google but I cant...
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    Prince Woodie, Dunlop Laser Strining

    Hey I have a Prince Woodie, and a Dunlop Laser, Pro Series... does anyone have stringing instructions for these? thanks
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    HES A GREAT GUY, Gave me an awesome deal and I got it to my house shipped in one day !! Thanks man! Highly reccomended!
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    I saw Agassi at Mercedes Benz Cup today, he hits hard... really cut, I want to get a little bigger than he is and as lean, oh boy he hits hard! Can someone make me a workout plan or something please I weigh 140 5'7 and im 16. Should I be doing light or heavy weights, what should I workout what...
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    PARADORN @ Mercedes Benz Cup

    Yeah he rocked GO THAILAND! 6-3, 7-6 !!
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    Workout plan PLEASE HELP! :)

    I started working out at 24 Hour Fitness this morning... the machines and stuff are all weird... I didnt know what the heck to do at all good thing, this guy was nice enough to help me! That was cool... Well what should I be working out for tennis? What do you guys workout, and if you guys goto...
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    I have a college class tomorrow, holy... Im having trouble sleeping, its 2:00 AM, I was on summer break for a week, I think it messed up my cycle :twisted: darn, well TTC has crappy paid programming... Lucky dude... he can sleep 14 hours a day... ( other post )
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    TiMO lost tension... ey... DEAD! 2x4 block of wood!

    Well today I was going to die, my TiMO went weak, dead. Well its been on there for 3 weeks I play aobut 2 hours a day they strings were dead, I normally break synthetics in a few hours about 6 or so but that stuff wont break... I think Ill cut it out today and restring... anyone experience death...
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    Hi, I'm fairly light skinned... although after this year of intensive tennis... high school matches, practices, and pro instuction... I've been outside for a long time and my skin is really dark, how can I lighten it? Is it pernament... so next year I ll be darker? What can I do to get lighter...
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    Power Disc... does it work? should I get it... probably would mess up my strokes... lol
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    I strung up all my racquets this week with Luxilon hybrids... they are GREEEAT as Tony the tiger says... I dont know whats wrong with it... I havent used anything since I switched to this !! Just a little someting for Luxilon !! YEEE AHH
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    String reccomendations

    Anyone.. I love this racquet.. I dont know if anyone on earth uses it... I current use a hybrid.. but since I have a stringer I want to know what you other Hammer 5.2 users reccomend... Ive tried almost all synthetic already. Any other hybrid or string would be cool... Let me know how you like...