1. A

    16x19 or 18x20

    Hi I'm 5.0 player that likes to hit very powerful spiny shots with my forehand but powerful and flat shots with my backhand right now Is using a volkl V8 pro 18x20. The racquet has good power and topspin but the launch angle is really high, that makes me bit a little bit insecure when I want to...
  2. Happi

    I get more spin from 18x20 than 16x19, anyone else have the same experience ?

    I have a Racquet that comes in both 16x19 and 18x20 version, same weight, balance point just different string pattern. I get more spin from the 18x20 version, and this is not logical for all I know. Does anyone else have the same experience ? I have the idea that I swing more confident with...
  3. Okinawa Puroresu

    Head TGT 345.2 Prestige MP

    I saw that Tennisnerd had a video of this a while back and it really intrigued me, as it seems like it’s a pro stock version of the Graphene 360+ Prestige MP, with the big difference being the 16x19 pattern. The TN version is extended .25”, but I’m curious if anybody has one of these or played...
  4. C

    Switching Racquets

    Hello my friends, I am wheelin to switch racquets at the moment. I still use my Wilson Hyper Carbon Pro Staff 5.0 (16x20), which is excellent. In fact, i am starting to feel it a bit heavy now that I am nearly 36 yo. I made up my mind and will acquire a new tf 40 305g, but my main concern is...
  5. Yaam

    Any racket recommendations for similar feel to Wilson Ultra Tour 2.0?

    Hi, I loved the feel of the Wilson Ultra Tour 2.0 barring the 18x20 string pattern. That is what drives me crazy about the racket. Are there any rackets that are similar, old and new, with a 16x19 string pattern.
  6. WilPro

    90 sq. in with 16x19 vs 95 sq. in with 18x20

    I want to know if anyone had any experience with both and has some input of how they compare. I know the chances are very slim but I still think it is worth trying.
  7. 2

    Fun poll 16x19 or 18x20?

    Which string pattern do you guys prefer?
  8. Simplicius

    Best control racquet 16x

    Which is the best racquet for control among the 16x (16x18, 16x19, 16x20) string pattern racquets? PS1: Please exclude 16x16 and the other very open "spin effect" patterns. PS2: Please consider these two limitations: Head size between 96-101 sqi and Flex(RDC) between 56-62. I play with PCG 100...