18 x 20

  1. Ice-Borg

    Move from 16x19 to 18x20 racquet?

    Guys, I need some advice. My regular racquet is a 16 x 19. I'm a 3.5 player and typically hit a lot of loopy topspin forehands. Backhand is flatter. I can also hit good slice and have a good spinny drop shot. I also get a lot of good kick on my serves. I've found one annoying issue is that my...
  2. pico

    18 x 20 racquets and 1HBH advice.

    Hi guys. Recently I have been struggling with the one hand backhand with my 18 x 20 racquets. I play either a Gravity Pro or Phantom 93P. I find that I am either just hitting the net cord or getting my balls long. I find that I struggle with directional control as well. Yesterday, I switched to...
  3. pico

    18 x 20 and ohbh

    Just wondering if an 18 x 20 is conducive to a one hand backhand or a more open pattern is preferred. I cant think of pros that have a ohbh and use 18 x 20 patterns.