1. Y

    100 sq inch OHBH racquets?

    Hello, recommendations for whippy yet stable 100 square inch racquets good for OHBH please. Currently using a weighted up T-Fight 300 RS and Extreme Tour customized to 320-324 SW, 315 Balance, 329 static weight. Some days I just do not have it and would like something with a bigger sweet spot...
  2. pico

    Semi-western backhand players?

    I switched to this bh grip today. I thickened my 4 1/4 grip to allow for my palm to almost be locked in. What I realised is that before I used a lot of wrist in my one hand backhands and it felt "shaky". This change lets me lock, load and rip!!! This is a semi-western backhand grip...
  3. E

    Tips for switching to 2HBH

    I have a very decent, one could say very good one handed backhand but my elbow just cannot take 1HBH any more (I am in my late 40s). I naturally feel like I should be hitting a 2HBH in order to relieve tension on my arm/elbow. I know how to hit 2HBH in ball feeding practice, I actually hit it...
  4. DeeeFoo

    One-handed backhand: index finger on strings?

    I'm still trying to learn the one-handed backhand, and watching videos of pro 1hbh players is something I like doing. I've noticed that some pro players rest the index finger of their non-dominant hand on the strings when preparing to hit a backhand. Whereas others just keep all their fingers on...
  5. pico

    18 x 20 racquets and 1HBH advice.

    Hi guys. Recently I have been struggling with the one hand backhand with my 18 x 20 racquets. I play either a Gravity Pro or Phantom 93P. I find that I am either just hitting the net cord or getting my balls long. I find that I struggle with directional control as well. Yesterday, I switched to...
  6. DeeeFoo

    1HBH takeback/backswing: Straight arm or bent arm?

    It's been about 3 months since I dedicated myself to learning the 1hbh, and I'm still a bit undecided at this fork in the road. On the takeback or backswing, would it be better to keep the arm straight from the beginning? Or have it a little bent, and straighten it out before contact? Obviously...
  7. zalive

    kids can't play onehander

    ...but obviously no one told that fact to this 6yo kid?
  8. C

    2HBH, but 1HBH to save far-reaching balls?

    I use 2HBH. I started to learn 1HBH just for fun, and found that I can hit an angle much wider than with 2HBH. For example, when the ball is beyond my double's sideline on the ad court, and at the baseline, (I am right-handed) with 1HBH I can hit to the opponent's deuce court, at about the...
  9. Kylo Reed

    Could Wawrinka Shorten His Take-back?

    First and foremost, I am a huge admirer of Wawrinka's one-handed backhand. If his ability on his backhand side does not astonish you enough yet, look no further than: However, I am also an avid student of the game who is always looking for knowledge to improve my game. So, I would love to...
  10. ext2hander

    My one-hander vs two hander (video)

    ... Backhand, of course! My "extended" two-hand backhand has been my favorite shot, period. Not getting any taller or younger, one month to 71, so its time to resurrect my one-hand backhand that I hit for 20 years starting in the 1970s. Hence, for 2017 the one-hand backhand has been...