1. InsideOut900

    Australian Open 2008, but the semifinals are reversed, what happens?

    Say we have Nadal-Federer and Djokovic-Tsonga in the semifinals. Who would you favour in each match, who would win the potential final afterwards? To spice it up, let's presume Nadal plays better, since he was a bit shellshocked against Tsonga and severely underperformed, but this time he gets...
  2. robthai

    Djokodal Hamburg 2008 highlights

    Enjoy folks Nadal is at peak movement here. Djokovic is playing near his post 2011 peak level.
  3. Frank Bannister

    2008 Murray vs 2019 Medvedev

    Murray: W - Cincinnati, Madrid, Doha, Marseille, St. Petersburg F - U.S. Open SF - Masters Cup, Canada QF - Wimbledon, Paris, Dubai, Queens 58-16 Overall HC 43-10 Clay 7-5 Grass 8-1 * 2 wins over #1 ranked players (Federer, Nadal) Medvedev: W - Cincinnati, Sofia, St. Petersburg...
  4. Zebrev

    "I can see a Federer Nadal final at Wimbledon".

    Andrew Castle during the Cilic Verdasco match today. What do you make of this, can Nadal reach the final and provoke a rematch of 2008?