1. A

    Customizing My Ezone 98 2018

    Hi I play with a yonex ezone 98 2018, and am now going to customize it using led tape. I would like recommendations on how many grams to add to 12 o clock, 3 and 9 etc. Please just respond with any and all recommendations. Thank you!
  2. True Fanerer

    Best points of 2018

    Came across this gem and thought I'd share. Enjoy!
  3. HetTheGreaterer

    2018 Paris Masters Final :- Djokovic vs Khachanov

    Ok so I thought its pretty much the case now Who wins?? Djoker goes down as the clear fav. but khachanov is really redlining this week... Maybe if he bashes a lot and balls don't go outside the court, it can be somewhat troublesome for djok... What's your opinion?????
  4. HetTheGreaterer

    Russian ******** the NextGen Eater xD

    Smoked both over hyped stefanos tsitsipas and denis shapovalov......... Well done medvedev, you exposed false dawn of these two
  5. Simon_the_furry

    Hsieh Su-Wei wins 2018 Hana-Cupid Japan Women's Open, 6-2 6-2 vs Anisimova

    Great win for my favorite player. I really love watching her dismantle ballbashers like Anisimova. Truly one of the best sights in tennis. With this win, she rises to world #29.
  6. HetTheGreaterer

    Mury trying to copy SABR???

    In The match with M. Copil, it seemed like it was in his mind, but being almost a total baseliner, he was not comfortable with it... Was charging ahead for ROS, then moving back to baseline.... Seemed confused a little bit to me Maybe we can see SEAM (Sneak Attack by Murray) in future once he...
  7. HetTheGreaterer

    Wimbledon comes at Nole's rescue once again

    Last 24 months, djokovic's play being totally atrocious. Losing to nobodies and not winning anything big in 2 years. Elbow injury being career threatening given his style of play, fedal dominating once again and it seemed that djokovic was nothing but over, especially after those bad losses in...
  8. raph6

    Where can I have proper highlights of Nadal/DelPotro ?

    I couldn't watch the match yesterday and thought I would find highlights of 15/20 minutes on YouTube as usual. But I can only find the highlights made by the Wimbledon account which last 3minutes for a match of 5 hour... It's a shame. So do you know where can I find the entire match or better...
  9. HetTheGreaterer

    Nadal has 3550 points to defend after wimby.......

    Can he?? Given his extraordinary history of not defending a non-clay 250 ever, will he defend his pointe?? Ttiles to defend at USO, Beijing Final at shanghai, And some other things... So.....
  10. HetTheGreaterer

    #I Support Dominika Cibulkova

    No racism towards serena, but she does not deserve a seeding at all.... Its simple professionalism, do not drag feminism and other craps in it to force and pressurise truth... If she wants seeding, she shold have played some other tournaments (easy wildcard entry), went deep, have earned points...
  11. HetTheGreaterer

    A federer-nadal match this year - 2018

    I think the chances are too low. Last year, 3 of their 4 meetings were in the first half of the season (AO17 final, IW17 R4, Mia17 final) and the 4th was in october, Sha17 final. This year, first half has gone without a fedal match. Nadal skipped almost full HC season of the 1st quarter of the...
  12. Yoeri Tennis II

    Perfect warm-up for Sunday's final - Nadal vs Thiem best rivalry points

    So we decided to put this little baby together to get all your little tennis taste buds tingling with excitement for tomorrow's final. Just look at them go toe to toe... All 9 matches head 2 head between Thiem and Nadal have been on clay and Nadal leads 6-3. Will Nadal thump his authority early...
  13. tennisaddict

    Nadal out of IW and Miami

    On Facebook. Damn Auto correct
  14. Yoeri Tennis II

    Federer plays Kohly after Bemelmans. Here's a lesson for Roger how to beat him

    After Bemelmans Federer will face Kohlschreiber! Roger needs to watch these highlights of their 2009 Wimby clash to get inspired on how to beat him again!
  15. Yoeri Tennis II

    The best Federer career points in Rotterdam (1999-2013)

    As Federer is going for No. 1 I thought it'd be sweet to discuss his career best Rotterdam points This video even holds the very rare 2001 and 2004 finals that Federer lost
  16. M

    Lord Fedr's 10th - Halle 2018 - What's it called?

    In 2017, we had 3 rounds of "La Decima" for Nadal. What will it be called if Federer wins his 10th singles title at Halle this year? Google says "10" in Swiss-German is "zhen"... Not nearly as elegant. So what are we left with? "Fedecima?" I'll stop now.
  17. CBK

    Roger Federer 20th Slam Tribute

    I came across this video today - perhaps the BEST tribute video I've ever seen for Federer. If you don't have the time to watch all 20 minutes, the TL;DR is: watch from 12:45 to 13:39 and again from 17:53 to the end. You'll definitely watch the whole video after that. Turn up the volume...
  18. kalyan4fedever

    When will Roger win his 21st slam?

    Am guessing Wimbledon is the BEST slam to do it for he is the grass king. I am only afraid of Novak because of his nervy matches but I say he iss a lock, I dont see anyone in the field taking 3 sets from Roger, but who knows may be he will pull off french if nads out early, Declaration:The...
  19. B

    Wozniacki or Halep? - Poll and Discussion

    Wozniacki or Halep? I personally would like to see Halep win because she lost a heartbreaker to Ostapenko last year in the French Open Final, and she can hit a winner off of both sides (while Wozniacki's forehand has very little conviction behind it), but with a 15-13 third set against Davis and...
  20. kalyan4fedever

    AO 2018 court SPEED, looks slow

    heard that it was same as before year, but looks slow to me, advantage to grinders like nadal and djokovic, not AGAIN! Slow courts are SO boring to watch, nadal is exploting these slow courts to his favor. Federer should be prepared to SLAY the field(mindset), no matter who, only way to win this
  21. Otacon

    2018 Qatar Open - ATP 250

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has pulled out from Qatar Open due to a wrist injury.
  22. N

    Who is better poised for 2018 - Roger or Rafa?

    With Nadal's WTF withdrawal, he gets a nice, extended vacation to recover and prepare for the next season. Roger, assuming he goes deep at the WTF, gains some points to close the No.1 gap but nothing is certain because he's got a lot of points to defend from Jan to Mar in 2018 So who is poised...
  23. N

    Who is better poised for 2018 - Roger or Rafa

  24. T

    Milos Raonic 2018

    What a difference one year can make. Anyone think Milos will have a good season next year? Personally I think he can have a good year, much like 2016 coming back from injury in 2015, but only if he stays injury free. Anyone else have an idea?