1. Rafa4LifeEver

    An exceptionally good match of tennis by the warrior :- 2020 French Open Final

    Fully available on internet now. Download quickly before it disappears, lovely ladies and gentlemen. Answer honestly in the poll. Please Discuss in a civilized way. Give your reasons for the vote too, if possible. Thanks and Regards, -Carl Thompson.
  2. Im(moral) Winner

    Best/favorite tournament of 2020?

    Vote for either your favorite or the one you found the best and discuss.
  3. Babolix

    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    Hi. I wondered if some of you (or TW) have some news about a new Vcore line (maybe with VDM etc...) ? Could it be for 2020 or more 2021 ?
  4. TW Staff

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Babolat Pure Aero VS 2020

    Attention Talk Tennis Members: We have a VERY Limited number of Babolat Pure Aero VS racquets for a playtest. This playtest is open to USA Talk Tennis members only. VERY IMPORTANT: Playtesters will be required to get their test racquet strung. Each racquet will be shipped with a set of Babolat...
  5. Enceladus

    A new type of hard surface at US Open

    After more than 40 years, the type of the hard surface will change at the US Open. Instead of DecoTurf, played since 1978, it will be played at Laykold. With his manufacturer, Advanced Polymer Technology, the organizers of New York's Grand Slam tournament signed a five-year contract.
  6. HetTheGreaterer


    Congratulations Nole On a stunning start to 2020 after being pegged back at the end of last year. He is Heading to Sunshine Double masters in a strong form.
  7. Rudi Bergner

    Matching 2 rackets with lead tape

    hello fellow tennis people, My case is 2 yonex ezone 98 (305) brand new. They have the same balance but 2 grams difference. mine weights 305g as labelled and the other weights 307g. usualy I put lead on3 and 9 o’clock on my rackets, but beber more than 4 grams... maybe it’s less. my question...
  8. M

    Who is going to preorder the new Yonex Ezone Racquet? and which one?

    I really like the Ezone 98 in the green colorway. Only downside for me is the stiffer upper hoop. If this racquet fixes that I am all in...
  9. Enceladus

    Tennis players' comments on the coming of the New Year 2020

    Happy New Year 2020! :) Posts and photos of tennis players from social networks, concerning the arrival of the New Year 1st part:
  10. Krish0608

    2020 is looking tasty

    -Mad Lad going on a mad run. Getting better and better with every tournament. -Tsitsipas having a phenomenal year, beating all the big 3 members in the same year. -Shapovalov winning his 1st title. -Zverev showing signs of life -Resurgence of Murray and Wawrinka. Boy, does 2020 look tasty or...
  11. Enceladus

    2020 ATP season - Tournament calendar and changes

    Due to the ATP Cup, tournaments in Brisbane and Sydney ended. Maharashtra Open (in Indian Pune) will move from 1st week to 5th week. Sofia Open will be held in September, this tournament as yet took place in February. After 12 years, the ATP Tour will return to Adelaide. In addition to the...
  12. D

    Predict the top 10 in 2020 (bump this in 2020)

    Just a little fun idea, predict the top 10 in 2020 so we can bump this in 2 years time and laugh at how dumb we were. I’ll be the first to make myself look stupid (or genius) 1. Nadal (much to my disliking, I think Nadal can dominate the rankings for a long time) 2. Chung 3. Zverev (he will...