1. goldenhawktennis

    Adopted a Pro Kennex Copper Ace 90 yesterday!

    Sometimes the tennis gods reward you for going on your silly little daily walk and offer up a free side of the road racquet for your enjoyment! Came across this Pro Kennex Copper Ace 90 on the corner with a sign that said "FREE" and couldn't help but be intrigued! I hadn't heard of the racquet...
  2. goldenhawktennis

    Make my 93p more...K90-like?

    Hey friends! Impulse bought a 93p (18x20) after a nice little demo sesh last month and still trying to get things fully dialed in with it. It's a great racquet as-is, don't get me wrong, but I'm really trying to make it sing. For context, I'm coming from a K90 and I absolutely love the weight...
  3. goldenhawktennis

    Going from full bed multi to full bed poly?!

    Okay, it's been a minute since I've hit full bed poly (or any poly for that matter), so forgive me if this is a common adjustment period thing/too many variables at play, but I tried going from full bed X1B multi (56 lbs) in my K90 yesterday to full bed Hyper G 17 poly (47 lbs) in my new 93p...