1. Bender

    Volleying Advice

    So lately my volleying skills have regressed badly and I'm either framing the ball, or hitting the volley too soft, or hitting the volley hard but too short. The main problem that I have identified is that when I'm playing doubles (and doubles specifically), when I'm the netman, as a righty, I...
  2. A

    Need help to choose? :)

    I am Head XT Instinct Mp and Rpm Blast user and I am planning to buy a new racquet. I have some choices but I need your suggestions and thoughts. I am 4.0-4.5 attack player and I love to go to net and hard hitting. I am 32 years old and 1.75m height. Never head any arm or wrist problem. I...
  3. A

    Advice on stringing Slazenger Pro braided 95 B/W

    Hello everyone from TW!. I need some help here. Just bought a new racquet on and need some advice. This is it. An Slazenger Pro Braided 95 Mid Plus+ 4 1/2. I was reading and some suggest to use an hybrid setup, also lots of pros are using them. So I was thinking maybe Babolat Vs Touch 16L...