1. R

    What happens around 60?

    My nutritionist, age 64, says that I should expect my body to undergo a significant slowing down in my early 60's. (I am 56.) Is this right?
  2. Service Ace

    Guess at which age each of The Big 3 retire.

    Select an option for each. I'm guessing Fed 39, Nadal 39+ and Djokovic 34-37. I think Fed will be play out all of next year and consider calling it quits at the US Open 2019. Ideally he would pull a Sampras and call it a career going out on top but I have a hard time imagining him being...
  3. wferdinand

    Old but unused strings

    I got two MSV string, a Co Focus 1.18 and a Focus HEX 1.23. These are have old style packages, may be 6-8 years old, but unused. Can these strings produce same performance compared to equal but manufactured in the last time?