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  1. D

    (Stats) 24yo Zverev vs 24yo Djokovic vs 24yo Nadal

    bio Alexander Zverev age: 24y 7m (as of November 2021) Novak Djokovic age: 24y 7m (as of December 2011) Rafael Nadal age: 24y 7m (as of January 2011) ATP tournaments in total 19 titles 28 finals 28 titles 42 finals 43 titles 56 finals ATP ranking #3 (career high) #1 (career...
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    2021 ATP Finals Torino SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Alexander Zverev

    It's a charm of round robin phase: the Saturday semifinalists have been determined regardless Djokovic vs Norrie match score on Friday. H2H Djokovic 7-3 Zverev Road to The SF W Djokovic vs Ruud 7-6(4) 6-2 W Djokovic vs Rublev 6-3 6-2 W Djokovic vs Norrie 6-2 6-1 W Zverev vs Berrettini 7-6(7)...
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    2021 ATP Finals Torino RR: [3] Alexander Zverev vs [7] Hubert Hurkacz

    Who is going to advance to the semis? Zverev win guarantees the place in semis for him. Hurkacz can advance under certain conditions as Sinner is another candidate. Red Group standings H2H Zverev 1-0 Hurkacz Vegas odds (as of 16 November) Sources:
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    2021 ATP Finals Torino RR: [2] Daniil Medvedev vs [3] Alexander Zverev

    Their encounter number 11. H2H Medvedev 5-5 Zverev Vegas odds (as of 15 November) Sources: Feel free to discuss.
  5. James P

    Zverev now the second longest active streak inside the top 10

    Roger Federer was on a 224 week active streak inside the top 10, but fell out recently. Dominic Thiem has a 260 week active streak that will be snapped on Monday. Name Nation Projected Rank on Monday Weeks in the top 10 Rafael Nadal Spain #5 841 Alexander Zverev Germany #4 201 Novak...
  6. James P

    Poll: Who wins Indian Wells for the men?

    Last eight in, who wins?
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    Has Medvedev USO win decreased the historical importance of Zverev Tokyo OGM?

    Zverev has been The Mighty One for a few weeks. Now it's different. Medvedev is hailed as The Man Who Stopped Djokovic. Did Medvedev spoil Zverev party? What do you think?
  8. James P

    Temperature Check Poll: Best Player Post-Murrovic?

    Who do you think are the best players born after Novak and Andy? Multiple choice, up to three picks... You can interpret this in any way you want, best career to date or most likely to have best career, or whichever way you choose to interpret it. Goffin, PCB, RBA, and Berrettini would have...
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    2021 US Open QF: [4] Alexander Zverev vs Lloyd Harris

    Harris is playing the tournament of his life. His best run at Grand Slams is 3R (2021 AO). Zverev is seeking for 4th Grand Slam SF (after 2020 AO, 2020 USO, and 2021 RG). H2H Zverev 2-0 Harris Road to The QF Vegas odds (as of 6 September) Sources:
  10. James P

    Poll: Who makes the upcoming USO SFs?

    Whom, in your estimation, of the following 4 players make the SFs in this year's USO? Djokovic, Medvedev, Tsitsipas, and Zverev?
  11. James P

    NextGen Rankings

    Lots of discussion of the NextGen pecking order this week. What do your rankings look like? Tier I Medvedev Zverev Tsitsipas Tier II Berrettini Rublev Hurkacz Shapovalov Sinner Tier III Ruud Auger-Aliassime Norrie Humbert Khachanov Sonego Opelka Korda Tier IV Bublik Davidovich Fokina Fritz...
  12. James P

    Poll: Alright bros, first semifinal with all top 4 in a while, who do you got?

    Who wins The Real Slam, Cincinnati Masters 1000?
  13. James P

    Guess that player...

    Without looking it up, if I was to tell you that the top 5 NextGen players in win percentage vs the top 10 is: 1. Medvedev 2. Guess this player 3. Tsitsipas 4. Zverev 5. Opelka minimum 10 matches, who do you think this player is?
  14. D

    Zverev to win olympic gold in Tokyo 2020

    Road to the title (updated 1 August): 1R Lu DEFEATED ✔ 2R Galan DEFEATED ✔ 3R Basilashvili DEFEATED ✔ QF Chardy DEFEATED ✔ SF Djokovic DEFEATED ✔ F Khachanov DEFEATED ✔ He's strong. He's consistent. He's mature enough. Against all #ABZ... Sascha 'Zed' Zverev will win the gold medal on 1 August.
  15. James P

    Bet you didn't know this stat of the day...

    Matteo Berrettini has the best record at the Slam level of competition of all men born after 1995. Berrettini (30-12, 71.4%) Zverev (58-24, 70.7%) Medvedev (38-18, 67.9%) Khachanov (38-19, 66.7%) Tsitsipas (31-16, 66.0%) Rublev (30-16, 65.2%) Kyrgios (44-27, 62.0%) Shapovalov (23-15, 60.5%) If...
  16. D

    Is Djokovic an indirect beneficiary of 2020 US Open final outcome?

    It is hard to deny that Zverev has helped Djokovic to dominate in 2021. Basically that famous ultrachoke in 2020 USO final was a blessing for Djokovic. Since then Thiem is in a downward spiral. He is no longer a real threat in ATP badly lacking a motivation. Zverev defeating Thiem at 2020...
  17. D

    Zverev after 2021 RG loss: "I don't care about semifinals. I wouldn't have cared about the final either."

    "I am not at a stage anymore where I am happy with just a great match," "Was it a good match? Yeah. But at the end of the day, I am going to fly home tomorrow. I don't care about semifinals. It might sound arrogant, but I am not trying to be arrogant. Just saying it how it is. I wouldn't have...
  18. Fedeonic

    A freak Zverev stat

    Alexander Zverev is the first guy since Novak Djokovic that won a specific Big Title at least twice. The Serb won his 2nd Aus Open in 2011 and Zverev won his second Madrid title a few days ago. Discuss. @Zebrev
  19. Enceladus

    2021 Acapulco final - [1.] Stefanos Tsitsipas vs [2.] Sascha Zverev

    H2H: 5-1 for Stefanos Since their match in Toronto 2018, Stefanos has dominated this rivalry, winning the last four matches, the last three without losing the set. I predict the victory of Stefanos in two sets.
  20. PURETENNISsense

    First Lendl, now Ferrer Splits from Zverev

    Not sure what to make of this with both Lendl and Ferrero stating that its off-court/professionalism and needing to listen that created the split. Now Ferrer and Zverev make a split beginning the 2021 season...
  21. Fedeonic

    I hope Sascha doesn't end like Coria

    Despite wanting Thiem to win the US Open title. I was thinking a few hours after the match what would happen from now on to Alexander Zverev, and then came to my mind what happened to the last player to lose a Grand Slam final after leading 2-0 in sets and also had his fair share of...
  22. Enceladus

    2020 Western & Southern Open 2R - [5.] Sascha Zverev vs [WC] Andy Murray

    Sascha and Andy played only one single match against each other, in the 1st round of the 2016 Australian Open, world no. 2 (in then time) Murray won easily in 3 sets. Many things have changed since then - Murray became world No. 1, but then experienced a sharp decline, caused by hip injury...
  23. Enceladus

    Alexander Zverev is the target of criticism

    Alexander Zverev angered many people. Twenty-two-year-old German, who is currently spending time in Florida, took a photo at the Academy with a fanboy. However, he was criticized for this act, because by the end of the month there is a curfew in the southeast of the United States. Sascha now...
  24. eman11

    What is Sasha Zverev using here?

    You can see it in min 1:45.... on his heel, what is it and what is it for?
  25. Enceladus

    2020 Mexican Open (Acapulco) - ATP 500

    Defending champion: Nick Kyrgios Former Acapulco champions, who will participating in the 2020 edition: Rafael Nadal (2005, 2013), Grigor Dimitrov (2014) Official website: Wiki-link...
  26. Enceladus

    Who would be an more difficult opponent for Novak in the AO 2020 final?

    Nole fans and other fans, who in the Thiem / Zverev pair would be an more difficult opponent for Djoker in the AO 2020 final? Discuss.
  27. Enceladus

    2020 ATP Cup - General Discussion

    Official website: Schedule: Wiki-link: Date: 3 January - 12 January Edition: 1st Participations: 24 teams Prize money: $15,000,000 Surface: Hard (GreenSet) Location: Sydney, Brisbane and...
  28. Enceladus

    2019 WTF RR: [4.] Daniil Medvedev vs. [7.] Sascha Zverev

    ATP H2H: 4-1 for Zverev Preview:
  29. haqq777

    Sasha Zverev Appearance Fee Disclosed

    $500,000 according to this piece as per Marseille Open Tournament Director Jean-Francois Caujolle, who tried to bring the German player in the French tournament. And that was multiple years ago. I'm sure it varies from tournament to tournament as well. Copy pasting here...
  30. Enceladus

    2019 Hamburg European Open - General Discussion

    Draw: Category: ATP 500 Location: Hamburg, Germany Date: 22 - 28 July Edition: 113th Surface: Clay Website: Defending champion: Nikoloz Basilashvili