all time greats

  1. Zardoz7/12

    Where is Murray in the "ATG" rankings? Somewhere with Courier and Kuerten? But he is not an "ATG".

    I'm a realist, I could fanboy and tell you Murray is the greatest thing since fried marsbars in regards of tennis but he isn't, he's not an "all time great" if he is one then do all the other 3 time slam winners classify as ATG's? Is Wawrinka an all time great?, his career has been made to look...
  2. A

    Sum Elo score over career?

    I'd be interested to see players' greatness ranked by summing Elo scores over their career. For example a hypothetical player with an 52-week career would have a score of Elo1 + Elo2 + Elo3 + ... + Elo52 where EloX is the Elo score in the Xth week of their career. However, there may be a need...
  3. W

    Splitting Indoors

    I am curious about the indoor versus outdoor distinction, which is often referenced to explain seemingly unusual observations e.g. "Jones didn't do well because it was indoors, he doesn't like indoors/the indoor courts are quick and low bouncing etc." The ideal I start with is that its should...