alu power

  1. K

    X-One Biphase 16G + ALU Power 16L on PS97?

    Hi! New to the forum but was hoping to get some advice on strings. I've been playing with the X-One Biphase 16G full bed up until this point on my Pro Staff 97 but have been finding my shots a bit flat and long so was looking to switch to a hybrid setup since I'm not a huge fan of a full poly...
  2. F

    Mid-life string crisis

    Hi all, I am a 38 years old player (R6/R7 in Switzerland, US equivalent NTRP ~4.0) and I play tennis since about 5 years including tournaments with license. I use (3x) Head Youtek Extreme Pro (350g strung, 310 mm balance point, grip L5). I like to play aggressive with spin, sometimes serve and...
  3. SoccerGuy

    Why don’t more people use ALU Power spin?

    Has anyone else seen this or am I crazy? It got great reviews from TW, and for lots of modern players this seems like a great option. Is it due to the price? I see most people either using the smooth or rough versions of ALU Power are those versions better than ALU spin? I’ve tried my hand with...
  4. R

    Alu Power Soft

    Hi everyone, I'm new, I wanted to know if someone has tried this string and what are your thoughts of it, if it's have good tension maintenance, good touch/feel , comfort, if it is better or worse than the original, my go to string right now is Kirschbaum Max Power 1.25 , if anyone can compare...
  5. Geoffism

    ALU Power/NRG2 hybrid - gauge question

    I'm currently using PDT with ALU Power 16L/NRG2 16. I was using Pro Hurricane Tour 16 with NRG2 16 until recently (dug the feel of the ALU). Just swapped out the PHT for the ALU in my frames. My question - will the ALU cut through the NRG2 quickly if I drop to the NRG2 17 gauge? The ALU Power...