1. Georgiepie27

    Groundstroke analysis :)

    Hi all, anyone got any pointers or tips for my groundstrokes? I have put them all in a short video :) Any tips appreciated!
  2. B

    Forehand help!

    My forehand is by far the worst part of my game. It is very inconsistent. Usually my symptom is the ball going way too far out, but sometimes I hit it into the net as well. Below is a video of my forehand in action as I hit against a wall. I know there are many things I'm doing wrong; but what...
  3. Raul_SJ

    Rafa Will Have To Beat Djoker And Tsitsipas Back To Back. Not An Easy Task!

    Preventing Rafa from reaching #21 is almost as good as winning the tournament for The Djoker. Djoker will have to make Rafa really battle so Rafa has nothing left in the tank for the Final.
  4. GabeT

    Analysis of the first set of the FO2020

    I’m still trying to analyze what happened and am looking just at the first set, for several reasons. It was the most lopsided and it was the first one, setting the stage for the beat down. The score is 6-0, complete domination. But if you look at it game by game it was a much closer set. What...
  5. N

    Break games converted: more relevant stat?

    A very simple question, do you think (break points converted/number of games you had break point(s) in) is a better stat to summarise a returner’s performance than (break points converted/break points) since I see the latter used much more frequently.
  6. R

    Analysis of Federer-Nadal match by Craig O’Shannessy

    Djokovic's strategy coach makes some good points and it's interesting to see how he works using previous matches as a model. He bases his points on Nadal and Federer's Wimbledon run this year and last year. For Djokovic he implies that not a lot has changed since 2015...
  7. ak24alive

    What conclusions can be drawn from yesterday's Fedovic match?

    Conclusions that can be drawn about ROGI: Bad ones: 1) He is still not confident enough and it shows in his shot selection and how he felt uncomfortable in those tiebreaks which made him rush things up and go for something extra instead of the slice that was working so well throughout the 3...