angell k7

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    FS/FT: 2x Angell K7 Red

    Bought these a couple months ago on here from member topspn and despite trying some different things, they just weren’t the right fit for me. Looking to sell or trade for a couple Angell TC97s or TC100s preferably in a grip size 4 1/2. I copied the listing he had, and updated with current...
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    FS: Angell K7 RED L3

    Item Description: Angell K7 RED Grip Size / Size: 3 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 98 sq. in. Condition: 9,5/10 *Specific Time Used : 10 h *General Description : Racquet is in great shape, almost like new. Only scratches at the bumper. Played only on clay court. Price: 120 euro plus 20 EUR shipping...