1. Rob209

    Angell TC95 16x19 Vs 18x20

    So….. I’ve very nearly committed to Angell frames twice now. This time I’m really going to do it. Currently play with Aero VS with some added lead at 12 and in the handle. Play some representative tennis at O40 level. All court player. Decent serve (although spin and precision are my biggest...
  2. pico

    Angell Custom TC97 18 x 20 vs Gravity Pro

    I have never played an Angell racquet. I have played a Gravity Pro and liked it. Just wondering if someone has played both and can compare. Interested in: Power Control but overall comparison is valuable. Thanks.
  3. time410s

    First Impressions on Angell TC 95, fully custom racket.

    Love it so far! I have since played with it so stay tuned for that review but for now, I hope you enjoy and appreciate the video here where I go over my thoughts and impression of the racket as well as why I chose the specs that I did. To anyone before who advised me on this or that detail for...
  4. time410s

    So I bought an Angell 28" Custom

    It's a 97 and 28" 18x20. I hear the pattern by Angell is generally pretty open so I decided to close it up with 18x20 a bit. I seem to do fine with either and I break 16x19 every few hits. Yes, I hit with poly and yes I hit with 16g...I just hit hard and as much as reasonably possible. So...
  5. time410s

    Which Angell Frame Should I Get?

    I'm open to any of them from the 95 to the 101. Maybe leaning towards the 97 or 100. Seem to have a modern feel without being too "pure drive" like. Am I right in describing it that way? I like a racket with great access to spin and pretty good feel. I have an ezone 98+ that I mostly like minus...
  6. B

    Recommended Racket for Aggressive Baseliner (Advanced)

    Hi guys, Im looking to purchase a new racket and as the title suggests, my game style is an aggressive baseliner who enjoys taking big cuts at the ball and going for a lot of shots on both wings. Generally have a big serve, playing a lot of +1 and short points. I’m coming from the Angell TC 97...
  7. 2

    Pros Using Angell Racquets

    Are there any pros who use or have used Angell racquets, on either tour? Could be futures/challengers players as well.
  8. 2

    Angell TC95 (63 RA) vs TC97 vs TC100 (63 RA)

    Hi all, Among the listed three racquets, which do you think is flat out the most unique? I'm looking for the racquet with the most singular X factor, that plays like nothing else on the market, that seems to have some mystical, inexplicable attribute. For comparison, my favorite racquet is the...
  9. E

    Poll: What's your favorite Angell racquet? And why?

    V3 TC 95 16x18 was meant to be V3 TC 90 16x18. I apologize for the error. I can only include 10 racquets in the poll. Please leave a comment if your favorite Angell racquet is not listed.
  10. E

    Angelo TC 97 16x19 vs TC 95 18x20

    I have read a lot of reviews on TC 97 and TC 95 in this forum and decided to go with either TC 97 16X19 or TC 95 18X20, I wonder if TC 97 16X19 has a much larger sweet spot or other significant advantages over the TC95 18X20. If someone who has first hand experience with both racquets can give a...
  11. 16*19

    Picking Grip Shape for Angell Racket

    Hello, I am going to order an Angell Racket soon, however when I was looking on their website the only choice I am struggling with figuring out is the grip shape, A, B, or C. I currently play with a prince phantom 100X 305 with a 4.5 inch grip size. It is the most comfortable fitting grip I've...
  12. T

    Time for an update: Angell?

    Hi everyone - I understand that there is an Angell mega-thread and I’ve been sifting through it for answers. I recently started playing tennis again after a 6-7 year hiatus and recognize it’s time to update my sticks as they are in pretty bad shape. I currently play with the Head Youtek IG...
  13. J

    Resources for Angell Demos

    I've been reading around here for a couple months now and finally decided to create an account. I'm starting to get back into playing tennis after taking a break for a few years. But I want to do it right for my arm this time. I've been looking around and ordered a few demos but the Angell...
  14. C

    Strings for Angell TC95 / TC100 (16*19)

    Hi Angell Users, I have been playing the last few months with Angell TC95 and 100 sticks and wondered whether there is a dominant / ideal string I could use. I am currently using Solinco Hyper G @ 23 KG in the 95s and Luxilon Element @ 23KG in the 100. The Hyper G is a bit too stiff and is...
  15. Kalethan

    Has anyone strung Angell tc97 18x20 as 16x20?

    I just did this. It is fascinating, but the strings (NRG 16g mains at 57 and Lux Element 17g crosses at 53) were too tight for it to feel very good. Hit some great shots as it opened up, but felt brassy outside of tennis ball sized sweet spot. Anyone else experiment with this? EZ Ace Machine
  16. M

    Angell Racquet Imput

    I know that it's probably been discussed. However I can't go through 200+ pages of this thread and since I'm planning on purchasing from the future, can someone answer a few of my questions? How does the TC95 63RA 16m compare to the TC97 18m? I have heard the 95 is just about the same in terms...
  17. A

    ANGELL - Which TC? What string pattern?

    Hey guys, so this is what I'm looking for in a racquet: - Plush, buttery feel - Stable (while being under 12 oz would be ideal!) - Tons of control - Free power (this is just an added bonus, and does't have as much priority as the previously mentioned - if I'm not asking for too much) Based on...