1. D-Lite

    K-Swiss Apparel - Your Experiences

    Hi everyone! I'm just wondering whether anyone has any experience of K-Swiss' apparel lines (not necessarily their shoes)? If you have recently owned K-Swiss apparel, how would you rate it overall and how do they compare vs other brands? I am interested in these items at TTW Europe...
  2. BorisBecker1872

    How much tennis clothing should one own?

    I am doing a major tennis inventory right now. I went to storage too gather all my old equipment and apparel. Some of these shirts and shorts are 5 to 10 years old? My question is should I still wear them on the court? Should I throw them out or donate them? Hang on to them as souvenirs...
  3. P

    Are the head ties used by Federer and Nadal short?

    I'm trying to look for head ties that look like Nadal's and Federer's, the ones that are short enough not to touch the nape when worn (like the first picture below, where the length from the end of the headband to the knot is around 2 inches or less - I don't want them too long that the ends...
  4. VamosRafa69

    Nike Tennis Hats

    does anyone know why nike doesn’t release featherlight hats that match what the players wear? also why don’t they make the featherlight rafa hats?
  5. Hudson De Risi

    Junior Clothing Sponsorships

    Hi everyone I’m currently looking for a clothing sponsorship of some sort I’m currently sponsored by Diadem for my strings. Please let me know if anyone has any connections or know a easy partial clothing sponsor. Thanks
  6. Znak

    Nike Spring 2019

    I gotta say Nike killed it with this collection! First time in a while I'm willing to buy their stuff full price.
  7. galahad

    Cold weather options for your legs?

    Getting ready for another season of outdoor night tennis in the 0-20(celsius) range. Any recommendations for leg wear would be appreciated. Compression stuff just ins't warm enough. Most of the warm up suits are too floppy. Advice???
  8. skip1969

    Melbourne Fashion Week: 2018 Australian Open Edition

    Welp, it's near the end of week one and by now we've seen plenty of kits to thumbs up or down. Savvy tennis consumers that we are here at TTW, lets post some images and share our thoughts about how well (or poorly) the manufacturers have done to sell us their wares.
  9. smboogie

    Socks for Men with BIG FEET please!

    Any chance you will actually stock XL size socks? I wear a size 14 shoe and using L or One Size socks feels cramped and usually they fall apart fast. You sell shoes past 14, why not the socks to go with it? I'd be happy to play test any as well because I know there are guys with the same issues.
  10. L

    Under Armour Quality?

    Has anyone used Under Armour Tennis apparel before? What's the quality like? How's the fit compared to Nike and Adidas? I Wonder if they're ever sold in Under Armour store?
  11. skip1969

    Fashion Police: US Open 2017 Edition

    Well, tourney's more than half-way through. By now we've seen just about all the kits on offer. Rain is in the forecast for this week, so at some point, we'll need something frivolous to talk about. So, lets post the good and the bad of what's on offer for our hard earned money.
  12. 6onza

    Del Potro's 2015 sydney tshirt

    Hi guys! First post here.. I just have a quick one. I'm looking for info about this awesome tshirt which Delpo dressed during the Sydney tourament in 2015: If it's possible I would like to know about the whole outfit info (name of collection, etc) because I could not find any more...
  13. Spoderblitz

    Should Adidas make a tennis shoe with boost and bounce tech combined?

    Yes, the title is awfully long. Eventually Adidas made a tennis shoe with boost and bounce tech separately. What if they combine both of it together? What are your thoughts? (It's pretty much like combining the Ultraboost with the Alphabounce) :)