1. W

    Sometimes complete lost of touch

    Hello, Sometimes I have a strange feeling in right side of by body especially hand that results in loosing touch of ball. I feel like if I completely lost my tennis skills. I consider myself as quite a good player, if everything works fine I feel very confident on court. But sometimes I loose...
  2. Znak

    Straight arm on OHBH

    Do you guys use a straight arm on your OHBH à la Thiem, or have a slight bend like Fed? And out of curiosity, have out tried both and noticed differences?
  3. aminadream

    New racquet, new pain?

    About a month ago, I switched racquets. At the same time, I switched string setups. The fact that I made two changes is making it difficult to decipher what is causing my new wrist pain (inside of wrist). Some people say it's likely the strings — I changed to a full poly setup, which is known...