1. NastyWinners

    Asics Court FF 2 - Blue/Pink/White - Size 10 womens, fits Size 8.5 for men

    Asics Court FF 2 - Blue/Pink/White Size: Womens 10 (fits mens 8.5) Quantity: 1 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Played about 1-2 hours total, once on hard court and once on har-tru *General Description (including any cosmetic...
  2. T

    I need help picking a tennis shoe

    I need to buy a new tennis shoe and my options are: Nike Air Zoom Zero Nike Vapor X Nike Zoom Cage 3 Adidas Barricade Boost 2018 Asics Solution Speed FF What would you recommend?
  3. galahad

    Asics clay shoe: Gel Resolution 6 or Solution speed 3

    Please discuss, include sizing, comfort, stability, and support.Many thanks
  4. TWE Staff

    Asics Solution Speed FF Clay

    Check out our latest review of the Men's Asics Solution Speed FF Clay shoe! Get the shoe here!
  5. kvan

    Asics Gel Res 7: Toe Guard Durability

    Has anyone else suffered from the fairly poor toe guard durability of the Gel Res 7s? I've found the shoe to be comfortable and fit well for me, but this could be a dealbreaker in the long run. The Gel Res 4s are some of my favorite shoes of all time, but I'm really missing the buffed...