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  1. Dropshot777

    ATP 2024 Top 10 Ranking Predictions

    Hi everyone, I am making my top 10 predictions for 2024 ATP year end rankings. If any of you want to post your predictions for the top 10 here, then feel free! 1. Novak Djokovic: Novak has been quite stable throughout the past few years and has probably been the best player on tour, so assuming...
  2. D

    Zverev out of Top10 after 275 weeks

    He will be down to #11 in November 2022. First time out of Top10 since July 2017. Not good. Get well, Sascha!
  3. James P

    Zverev now the second longest active streak inside the top 10

    Roger Federer was on a 224 week active streak inside the top 10, but fell out recently. Dominic Thiem has a 260 week active streak that will be snapped on Monday. Name Nation Projected Rank on Monday Weeks in the top 10 Rafael Nadal Spain #5 841 Alexander Zverev Germany #4 201 Novak...
  4. James P

    USO 2021 Ranking Permutations

    Time to analyze the permutations of results that will exist at the 2021 US Open. Rank Today Name ATP Points Today Dropping Live ATP Points on 8/30/21 2R 3R 4R QF SF F W 1 Djokovic 11,113 180 10,943 10,978 11,023 11,113 11,293 11,653 12,133 12,933 2 Medvedev 9,980 1200 8,790 8,825 8,870...
  5. Enceladus

    Tsitsipas will become the new World No. 3

    Stefanos Tsitsipas will take 3rd place in the ATP rankings for the first time in his career on Monday, August 9, and will move Nadal to 4th place. In the live ATP ranking (, Tsitsipas has 8115 points, Nadal 7815.
  6. N01E

    The breakdown of first ranking protection

    Firstly I have to mention that this analysis shouldn’t be taken 100% seriously. Some players decided to skip certain events due to the format and we can’t know for sure what outcome it would give us. It’s possible that I may have missed some events so if you spot a mistake please mention it. I...
  7. Enceladus

    Officially confirmed: Medvedev will be the new World No. 2

  8. T

    Why did Federer get a WC for the Rotterdam tournament?

    Why did Federer accept the WC? He announced on 7th Feb he would join the Rotterdam tournament but I wonder - if he's ranked #2 why did he need a Wild Card? I mean, he could have a "direct entry". The ways to enter a tournament are direct entry, wild card and qualifying. Since he's #2, his...
  9. Guitario

    Predictions for 2017 end of year rankings? Here's mine..

    Here are my rough predictions for how the rankings could look at the end of 2017. (I tried a search but the function gave an error). 1. Murray (12000) - (probable 2 slam winner, at least 3 slam finals, most consistent player on tour) 2. Djokovic (10500) - (probable slam winner, Mr consistency...