1. Enceladus

    Rod Laver - Nick Kyrgios should be suspended

    Laver provided interviewed for Australia's journals Sydney Morning Herald and The Age during US Open 2019. "Whatever they have done hasn't worked so far, so maybe a suspension is the only answer," Laver told The Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday. "I'm not sure he's learned anything from any...
  2. Enceladus

    Poll: Ban for Kyrgios at Laver Cup - yes or no?

    Should Kyrgios be excluded from the World selection for the controversies, which he has triggered this year (marking the ATP as a corrupt organization, the incident from a match against Khachanov, etc.)? Or should he play, because the chances of a World selection without him would be almost...
  3. S

    Check out new preview Nikoloz Basilashvili vs Alexander Zverev!

    The first semi-final of an ATP 500 tournament at Hamburg, Germany (clay). Two of the higher-ranked players for this tournament will face off against each other here. To have more insights on this ATP Nikoloz Basilashvili vs Alexander Zverev match please check out the preview below. Nikoloz...
  4. NaBUru38

    ATP July 15-21: Umag, Båstad, Newport

    ATP 250 Umag (clay): Fabio Fognini, Borna Ćorić, Laslo Djere, Dušan Lajović, Marco Cecchinato, Filip Krajinović, Martin Kližan, Leonardo Mayer, Andrey Rublev, Robin Haase, Pablo Andújar, Corentin Moutet. ATP 250 Båstad (clay): Fernando Verdasco, Cristian Garín, Pablo Cuevas, Richard Gasquet...
  5. HetTheGreaterer

    Android smartphone/tv box/bluestacks users, check in here

    The best available stream is waiting for you. And it's official as well. The sonyliv is the most trustworthy stream, as it has no annoying pop up ads and all. All you need to do is to install the apk file I give to you. Then turn on the vpn Change server to India *TURN OFF LOCATION/GPS...
  6. Grapplesnake USA Official

    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    Hello, TT friends! We are happy to let you know that Grapplesnake Strings are now available in the United States. We are a German string manufacturer, and have been around in Europe for about two years. Before developing tennis strings, we focused our attention in the rope industry for sports...
  7. Znak

    Road to 2019 Season Series

    Not sure if anyone else posted this, but ATP Tour put on a great series of several players in their offseason. Check them out, it's pretty rad stuff. Felix seems like such a good kid Felix Denis Kei Kevin
  8. Znak

    I can't believe I watched the whole thing

    (on 2x speed) is my clickbait title ;)... Video of men's top 10 rankings every day from 1990 to 2018. For me it was crazy to see how long Agassi lingered and then how dominant Fed and Djoko became respectively during their peak.
  9. Enceladus

    Who gains his first ATP title in 2019?

    Shapovalov, de Minaur, Chung, Auger-Aliassime or someone else? Who gains their first ATP title next year and who doesn't? Discuss and predict. Footnote - Chung's title from of 2017 Next Gen ATP Finals is not rated as ATP title. List of tennis players who have won their first ATP singles title...
  10. D

    Predict Coach of the Year for 2019

    COTY in the past few years - Toni Nadal Lendl Becker Magnus Norman Ljubicic Vajda Who will it be in 2019?
  11. merwy

    A. Zverev strongest ATP player according to.. A. Zverev

    Everyone not saying Rafa or Tsonga is crazy imo. If we're talking about physically strongest. Also Gulbis? What? Is he even muscular at all? @Hitman 's opinion is relevant
  12. HetTheGreaterer

    Which movie series can be titled to top tennis players??

    I will take "The mummy" for djokovic And "Thor" for del potro. Your picks???
  13. HetTheGreaterer

    Make roofs everywhere

    This climate change is making a vast impact on tennis matches...... See this cincinati masters, its washed up at a high extent..... Retractable Roof should be compulsory for every Grandslam, ATP masters 1000, ATP500, ATP250 on atleast 2-3 courts for GS/M1000 and 1-2 on 500 and atleast 1 on...
  14. Backspin1183

    Nadal's 900th win

    His victory over Marterer was his 900th career win. "I don't feel old. But I am 32, and I have been here since 2003, so it's a long way, a lot of years," he said. "I started very young. That's a real thing. But, no, I feel happy to be here. Being honest, I am enjoying the day by day on the...
  15. Simon_the_furry

    List of all active players with two-handed forehands.

    Since I created a thread of all the active WTA players with one-handed backhands, I decided to create a thread for players with two-handed forehands as well. Let's keep tennis diverse! Root for the unusual, because it's the only thing stopping us from descending into homogeneity. So far I have...
  16. N

    What if ATP/ITF/WTA banned poly strings and 100+ sq in racquets?

    ....And standardized balls for clay, grass and hard courts? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Background: Over the years, there’s been a lot of discussion here regarding the direction of changes on the tennis tour. Typically they fall into these broad categories...
  17. HetTheGreaterer

    Time to move masters finals back to BO5.....

    Yes you heard it here. And this is not because of fed's loss against del, but due to the reduction in quality of masters' final matches and more upsets. Just see the reduced quality in masters finals and uncertaninities there.... Sascha and Dimi winning 3 M1000 combined was the proof of it Also...
  18. S

    2018 Miami Open

    The tournament will begin on March 19th, and end on April 1st. Draw: ****IF A MOD SEES THIS, PLEASE DELETE THIEM FROM THE POLL AND REPLACE HIM WITH DIMITROV ~~ THANKS!**** Who will win this one? Will Fed redeem himself for his IW loss or will someone new surprise us this time around...
  19. 5point5

    Perfect Forehands

    Check out these perfect forehands - no tips or instructions needed.
  20. Simon_the_furry

    B-ball: ATP pros vs the top HS basketball players in the USA. Who do you pick to represent the ATP?

    Assuming the top Division 2 prospect high school basketball players in the USA were to face a team of current ATP tennis pros, who would you pick to represent the ATP, and what position would they play? Also, would the ATP pros stand a chance? Discuss. My picks would look like this. Reilly...
  21. N

    Who among the Top 4 will leave a bigger legacy on the way the sport is played?

    Ivan Lendl never features in the GOAT discussions, but one cool thing about him is that he impacted the way the sport is played. You could say there was tennis pre-Lendl and then there is tennis post-Lendl. He really brought killer fitness and a power baseline game to the forefront. Chris...
  22. N

    To spice up today's ATP Top 20, if you could bring back 2 players each from the last two decades...

    ... who would it be? Obviously they have to be retired players, and futhermore they have to be NON slam winners. Justify your choices with why they would do well today and how their games would square off against the current crop
  23. T

    Is there any chance that player can get their points deducted?

    Maybe I didn't quite catch that, but did Wozniacki get an amount of points deducted (~580 points)? I heard that if she doesn't win a match she may get some points deducted... I know they would have checked something about her matches last year and according to this "rule", she could have lost...
  24. N

    Let’s talk about ATP pro player coaches in 2018

    Too often here we discuss players here but not so much their coaches. Ljubicic, Moya and Agassi need no introduction, but there are others who aren’t as famous but doing great things with their player. Let’s talk about them - * Who are some of the notable coaches on tour right now? * What is...
  25. T

    ATP Sofia Open 2018 - Donskoy vs Lacko -- ATP Dubai 2017 - Federer vs Donskoy

    In this match I believe Lacko was stronger, considerably. After winning the first set (6-4) and after the first game of the second set (where Donskoy won a service game), I saw Lasko very laxed. I had a feeling he already knew he would win the match -- actually it looked like he let Donskoy win...
  26. T

    2019 ITF Transition Tour

    The new transition tour tournaments, which will offer $15,000 in prize money, will replace the existing $15,000 men’s and women’s tournaments on the ITF Pro Circuit in 2019, and will award ITF Entry Points instead of ATP and WTA ranking points. In women’s tennis in 2019, $25,000 ITF Pro Circuit...
  27. Otacon

    ATP Announces 2019 ATP World Tour Calendar

    The ATP has released the 2019 ATP World Tour calendar, a tournament schedule that will feature 63 tournaments in 31 countries across six continents, in addition to the four Grand Slams. The 2019 calendar offers a continuation of the existing tournament structure and schedule that, since 2009...
  28. lunaticmochi

    Grand Slams should alternate days between men's and women's

    i.e. All of men's matches play Monday, the women play Tuesday, and so on and so forth. This will put to rest all the complaints of unequal rest time in between rounds. It will also make it convenient to watch the matches. If I only care about the men's, then I will be able to schedule my day...
  29. Backspin1183

    Rafael Nadal Says Lower-ranked Players Need More Money

    Melbourne: World number one Rafa Nadal voiced his support for players to demand a greater share of tennis revenues, saying that more lower-ranked professionals should be able to make a living from the sport. Nadal's comments follow media reports this week that Novak Djokovic, the president of...