1. Rovesciarete

    Spin and Speed - Forehands of the current ATP

    Just found a neat graphic of Tennis Insights which places most of the top players of 2023 in relation to the tour. Keep in mind the sample bias, more so for guys blasting away with little margin. The relative positions of the elite is usually much better supported. If they read the data at the...
  2. Rovesciarete

    The great Tennis Bake Off - visiting the ATP bakery!

    Tennisabstract is now also presenting now the tour's finest bakers of bagels and breadsticks. Let us look at the live reports of their handiwork: Player Last 52: Baked 0-6 1-6 Career: Baked 0-6 1-6 Jannik Sinner 25 0 0 58 7 10 Alex De Minaur 24 2 4 67 9 40...
  3. RaulRamirez

    Who are some of your favorite players who never won a slam?

    For our purposes, please list some of your favorite players (ATP or WTA) - either retired or 35-plus - who have never won a slam, but you always enjoyed watching them. No surveys, no arguments, just the joy of watching/following various players.
  4. RaulRamirez

    Is the tennis season too long?

    Yes, we're all tennis fans here, and the more tennis, the better, right? I don't know. Currently, the schedule is just about a full 11 months - only December is off. Is that enough time for players to rest, recover and regroup? Is that even enough time for fans to chill and have anticipation...
  5. C

    Day-of tickets for European tournaments?

    There's a wealth of information about attending many of the European ATP and WTA tournaments in this forum and elsewhere, but I was hoping someone could specifically address the need to buy advance tickets for a few of the tennis tournaments we plan to attend in 2024. These include a couple of...
  6. Zardoz7/12

    Evergreen Rohan Bopanna sets age record with victory at ATP Finals

    India's Rohan Bopanna (43) made history at the ATP Finals when he became the oldest player ever to win a match at the year-ender after teaming up with Matthew Ebden to beat Rinky Hijikata and Jason Kubler 6-4, 6-4 in a round-robin match on Wednesday. Bopanna and his Australian partner are now...
  7. R

    favorite under-250 player

    who is your favorite over-250 (250-2000) player who you want to succeed and believe will be great, or you are following their progress
  8. kharerit

    ATP Points and Calculations

    Can someone explain how points come off and on for players during the year in the SIMPLEST of terms? Why does Novak have 500 points coming off next week, when he gained 600 points making the Paris final around this time last year? How many events played throughout the year/Calendar are...
  9. Zardoz7/12

    ATP introduces financial safety net for players ranked in top 250 from 2024

    Link to article I think this is great news and more of an incentive for lower ranked players, this should have been done years ago though and the WTA should adopt this if they haven't already. The ATP announced on Tuesday the creation from 2024 of a financial security programme for players...
  10. Pistol10

    Serious doping test allegations! ITIA President Nicole Sapstead has been embroiled in a major doping scandal. The president of ITIA, Nicole Sapstead, who accused Simona Halep of doping, is involved...
  11. RaulRamirez

    "Upset City" at 2023 RG

    With two rounds completed - in both singles draws - at RG, as we approach the Round of 32, we have seen that there have been a lot of upsets. As 32 players are seeded, if those seeds won their first two matches, every matchup would have two seeds competing. In the men's draw, there are only 5...
  12. P

    Are any pros using the RF97/PS97 mold?

    apart from Dimitrov with his custom 18x17? It's been around for long enough now that there could be some young players coming up with it. Every Wilson pro and his dog had a ps97 paint job for a while on their six.ones- forget about them: who *really* uses it? If, like the clash, none of the...
  13. T

    Fantasy Tennis on Instagram

    Hello Tennis Community! We have created a new Instagram account where Fantasy Tennis can be played. Every weekend, teams will be assembled that followers can choose from. Each match from ATP250 and up will be evaluated in detail based on the categories of game progress, serve, return, breaks...
  14. Rafa4LifeEver

    Pick one - The best ATP match of the year 2022

    Ladies and gentlemen, the year is almost on the verge of ending, so let's take a recap at some of the best 3 set matches of this season. This was a pretty wild year, and we got some of the most incredibly fought battles, some crazy nailbiter 3 setters. Following is the list of some, which in...
  15. A

    A Most Cherished Moment: I Experienced an ATP Tournament Through the Eyes of Coach!!!

    I experienced a truly joyous, beautiful, and most cherished moment this past week: I was able to participate in an ATP tournament. I hung out in the locker room and the player’s lounge, accompanied my guy onto the court and sat in his box, and consoled him after a heartbreaking triple tie...
  16. jl809

    More dramatic proof emerges of Tiny Carlos falsifying his height

    Serena Williams, and presumably her incredibly expensive lifelike waxwork in Madame Tussauds, stands at 5 foot 9 inches. Mr “6 foot 0” Carlitos has inadvertently exposed himself as no more than an inch taller than Williams (maybe even less, given the positioning of the knees) in this photo taken...
  17. codonnell

    Current Top 130 ATP Babolat Users (Frames)

    Hello all, I was thinking of doing this list for a while. I like the Babolat brand and always like to see which type of frames players gravitate towards. I pulled information from TW fourms, tennis nerd, and many many old and current image searches zooming into pictures LOL. Here’s the list...
  18. A


  19. TheAssassin

    Every top 30 player's first ATP title

    Now that Felix has finally gotten over the line, a nice compilation done by Tennis TV. How many of these do you recall watching at the time they happened?
  20. Zardoz7/12

    ATP Retirements 2021

    So these 12 are those that retired this season, some notable names in this list. 1. Alexandr Dolgopolov 2. Guillermo García López 3. Martin Kližan 4. Paolo Lorenzi 5. Lu Yen-hsun 6. Leonardo Mayer 7. Jürgen Melzer 8. Leander Paes 9. Viktor Troicki 10. Robert Lindstedt 11...
  21. Tennis Espresso Journal

    The Ōta Index

    This index brings us the best performers on ATP rankings in the XXI Century - or precisely since the great standardisation of the year 2000. Following basic economic axioms (the ones allowing currencies to be exchanged and GDP to be measured) and internationally accepted principles of laws...
  22. Zardoz7/12

    Are we entering a version of the 2001-2003 ATP Era?

    In 2001-2003 there was a vacuum because the Sampras era was over and Hewitt, Gustavo Kuerten and the veteran Agassi among others picked up the pieces somewhat until Federer's ascension to the top, during this period of time there were surprises winning or making finals of high level tournaments...
  23. liriel

    What slams/ATPs and stages would you recommend after RG and Wimbledon?

    This year I attended semi finals- male and finale- both female and male of RG and Wimbledon- the men finale. I don't know if I should call it a season or try Paris/Turin when the weather is bad or wait out till clay (and Rafa) season. Right now here it's 15 degrees and raining all the time and I...
  24. liriel

    Please recommend me ATP tournaments and its best stages in Europe this and early next year - I'm a Rafa - Big 3 fan/maybe we'll meet up. No hate!

    So it'll be cold until Monte Carlo but I love tennis more than weather (0 degrees in Paris and Turin.. I'm from a colder climate. Not Syberia though :). I'm like "well, it's one of my last chances to see a slam or ATP with x and y". Would you go to early rounds middle rounds or final? My...
  25. T

    Don’t understand tennis channel

    I was watching the Tsitsipas match. In the second set, tied 4-4. Tennis channel switched to show a women’s match of lower ranked players. Tsitsipas, #5 in the world who has a chance of winning the entire thing is being pushed aside for a women’s match with players who are not even top 20, one of...
  26. GhostOfNKDM

    Most impressive ATP player/performance in Q1 2021? (Non Big 3)

    Be honest. Forget the bandwagon talk here; poll is not public for that reason. There's always hype for whoever lifts a trophy most recently, but ask yourself who was the most impressive player to YOU on the ATP circuit from Jan - Mar 2021 outside the Big 3. It could be consistency of results...
  27. PURETENNISsense

    First Lendl, now Ferrer Splits from Zverev

    Not sure what to make of this with both Lendl and Ferrero stating that its off-court/professionalism and needing to listen that created the split. Now Ferrer and Zverev make a split beginning the 2021 season...
  28. PURETENNISsense

    David Ferrer :: Most Under-rated non grand slam winner

    In my opinion, this guy was the best of the best in the 2nd tier of players outside the big 4 (Fed, Rafa, Djoko, Murray) during the late 2000s and early 2010s. Some significant accolades/results Ferrer posted: General: 20 years on tour, 1999-2019 High of #3 in the world (Top 10 for 292...
  29. RaulRamirez

    Project Your Top 8 for 2021: ATP (and if interested, WTA)

    If this has already been done, I apologize, but even if it was, here's a chance to try again. I have not yet refined my own projections, and hope to do so at some point -- if only to look back in November, 2021 and see how bad they were. My hope is that this will be an argument-free thread...
  30. forehandsonly

    Which players would favour the new 2021 schedule

    Do you think the new schedule and delayed Aussie Open favours any paticular players ?