1. U

    Upgrading to Lockout Machine

    I've been stringing for a few years now with my trusty Gamma 200. Pretty recently, I used my mate's Prince crank and even though it was my first time using a crank, I found that it was just much quicker and less fiddly than my drop-weight, so I am now looking to get a decent crank machine. I'm...
  2. pedro94

    Rafa shows middle finger to Novak

    Rafa clearly salty for ATP Cup loss, no? Disgraceful... Next year draw rigged with Berrettini in final, no?
  3. Enceladus

    2020 Australian Open - Women's Singles - General Discussion

    It's a time, that I create AO 2020-thread also for Women's Singles. Defending champion: Naomi Osaka Former AO champions, who will participating in the 2020 edition: Serena Williams (2003, 2005, 2007, 2009-10, 2015, 2017), Maria Sharapova (2008), Angelique Kerber (2016), Caroline...
  4. Enceladus

    2020 Australian Open - Men's Singles - Official Tournament Thread

    Defending champion: Novak Djokovic (7-time winner (2008, 2011-13, 2015-16 & 2019)) Former AO champions, who will participating in the 2020 edition: Roger Federer (2004, 2006-07, 2010 & 2017-18), Rafael Nadal (2009), Stan Wawrinka (2014) Official website: Wiki-link...
  5. RF19

    Need Advice on Junior Tennis in Australia

    Hi there guys! I moved from Melbourne to California 5 years ago and have a teenage son that plays tennis regularly. He is at a stage where his game could take him to a serious contender, either play college or more. I also have a situation with work that I am contemplating to return to...
  6. Znak

    Nike Spring 2019

    I gotta say Nike killed it with this collection! First time in a while I'm willing to buy their stuff full price.
  7. kalyan4fedever

    AO 2018 court SPEED, looks slow

    heard that it was same as before year, but looks slow to me, advantage to grinders like nadal and djokovic, not AGAIN! Slow courts are SO boring to watch, nadal is exploting these slow courts to his favor. Federer should be prepared to SLAY the field(mindset), no matter who, only way to win this
  8. Josh_UK

    Info on Coaching in Australia

    Hello all, I'm new to the site and have already spent most of my day on here! I'm just looking for a bit of info about coaching in Australia... my partner and I are moving there late next year/early 2019 for a year (to begin with at least), and will be staying in Torquay with close friends...
  9. S

    Help me choose - Australian limitation >.>

    Hopefully someone can help me choose a stringer that is both good for a beginner and has the option to be upgraded into the future if I decide to do more stringing for others in the area. This I guess is better if it can be fixed with electronic tensioner from wise/etc. I also chose to exclude...