australian open 2017

  1. HetTheGreaterer

    If federer choked on those two break points in the final game of final set AO17

    I was just watching highlights (a thousandth time maybe) and this thought popped up in my mind... What if this happened? Not 100% similar to what happened with him in that 2011 USO SF vs djok, but there are a lot of similarities. If nadal got a break in that final game, would it have stopped...
  2. falstaff78

    Amazing analysis of fed BH in AO17 final

    This post by Jeff Sackmann shows the power of this match charting project. Amazing analysis! The Federer Backhand That Finally Beat Nadal Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal first met on court in 2004...
  3. J

    After Federer and Nadal upset odds in Australia, who will win the French Open? After Roger Federer’s shock win at the Australian Open – five years after his previous major title – the top of the men’s game seems to be in a state of flux. Remember folks this is a...
  4. Sentinel

    Link to HD version of AO final (English)

    I've found links on youtube that have Russian (i think) commentary. Would be grateful for a link to final match with English commentary. (Russian)
  5. falstaff78

    Cumulative stats in AO17- Nadal [9] vs. Federer [17] - F

    Here are cumulative stats for Federer & Nadal for the 4 matches from round 3 to the semi final inclusive. I have included Djokovic in 2016 for the same 4 rounds, as a benchmark. (I did an earlier version in the match thread with only Federer and Nadal.) Overall Comparable strength of...
  6. falstaff78

    Cumulative stats in AO17- Fed [17] vs. Wawrinka [4] - SF

    Ran the numbers for Fed vs. Stan through the AO SFs. Fed better overall, vs. stronger opponents. running less per point, and overall hitting more winners facing BPs in fewer games and getting broken fewer times seeing BPs more often, and winning more of them Let's see how it plays out!
  7. falstaff78

    Fed stats at AO: 2016 vs. 2017

    These stats give a rough sense of how Federer is doing at this year's AO compared to last year. Stats below compare Federer in rounds 1-4 of 2017 AO vs. rounds 1-4 of 2016 AO. His opponents this year have been substantially stronger. As measured by their hard court form against mid level tour...
  8. Legends of Sport

    Federer vs Nadal - Part 4

    Relive some great matches between tennis' leading Grand Slam winners, two greats of the sport... Cheers, Dan (LOS)
  9. N01E

    Haas wearing Novak pros?

    Seems kinda funny to me that a pro (especially former #2) is playing with another players face on his shoes.