australian open 2023

  1. jl809

    The stars are aligning for our knight and barron at AO 23

    Djokovic injured Nadal with a terrible draw, and playing like a bum Medvedev with a declined game and confidence level Alcaraz injured Tsitsipas still with mental issues vs the old guard FAA, Ruud, Rublev etc in bad form Lendl back in the team It’s all coming together for our knight of the...
  2. N01E

    Lacoste Medvedev shirts to feature his personal logo

    Lacoste released his AO 2023 polo and it will have his personal (seems to be playstation inspired) logo. It's on the lower part of the front, so won't be as visible as big 3 logos, but it's still something. It looks more like "DOMII" to me tbh.
  3. D

    Prediction: Novak will lose in the 1st round of AO 2023

    Fourth time in his career after 2018, 2020 (76 61 26 36 46 against Hurkacz), and 2021. Sorry, Dennis. It isn't a bold anticipation, is it?
  4. D

    Odds To Win Men's Australian Open 2023

    In the Vegas market Djokovic is the main favourite, however his chances are clearly below 50%.
  5. D

    AO23 seedings

    It has been pretty much determined as there are almost no tournaments between YEC and AO. Only Ruud and Fritz can improve their effective seedings (those relevant during the draw procedure), but Turin win is necessary to do that. Rublev is locked in a 5-8 range. Djokovic is locked in a 5-8 range...
  6. D

    Djokovic at the AO23. Two months away, what result do you predict?

    Poll open till the end of November 2022.