australian open

  1. Nick Lynch

    Why has Nadal only won one AO?

    seems like it would be his second best slam given the slower hard court than USO. He had also missed more Us opens. In 11 he plays in all slam finals except Australia and he loses to ferrer like what? I think the reason why he will never catch Fed is his poor performances at AO.
  2. Sentinel

    Link to HD version of AO final (English)

    I've found links on youtube that have Russian (i think) commentary. Would be grateful for a link to final match with English commentary. (Russian)
  3. Spoderblitz

    David Ferrer practicing at the Australian Open

    This is a video that I recorded of Ferrer practicing at the 2017 Aus open.
  4. InsideOut900

    2017 Australian Open QF MILOS "the Lumberjack" Raonic vs. RAFAEL "the Bull" Nadal

    I am calling this already. Should be one of the matches of the tournament. Vs.
  5. TheMaestro1990

    Is Federer favourite now THE favourite for the title?

    He's looking 2015 good. And in 2017, without a supreme Djokovic (at least not at the Australian Open), who can stop him? As a Fed fan, my ONLY true worry is Nadal at the moment. I'd say that Federer at the moment is THE favourite to win the Australian Open (Bet365 backs me up). If Nadal doesn't...
  6. DreddyTennis45

    Australian Open: Djokovic Vs Istomin- Extended highlights HD

    Spolier warning Don't scroll down if you haven't seen the result already (I'm sure everyone has by now) Great match and great win. Enjoy.
  7. Legends of Sport

    Federer vs Nadal - Part 4

    Relive some great matches between tennis' leading Grand Slam winners, two greats of the sport... Cheers, Dan (LOS)
  8. Backspin1183

    Australian Open 2017 draw

    Please post the AO draw on this thread. It would save us time not having to go through several pages of the general AO 2017 discussion thread. Thank you.
  9. M

    Fed fans: Who do you want to win the AO '17: Nadal or Djokovic?

    So Nadal is looking good at the moment and Muzz is looking bad. I know it's just an exho but I'm going to follow TT tradition and overreact based on 2 days of tennis. Djokovic had a rough patch but he looked out of it mostly mentally, so expect him to come back recharged at the AO. Besides, AO...