1. D

    Racquet recommendation for a USTA 3.0?

    Dear members, First let me give you a background about myself. I am from Sri Lanka and I am 37 years old, 5'6", weighing 180 pounds. I went for tennis coaching for around 6 months in my junior days, played around 2-3 competitive matches in school. After an injury I stopped playing and started...
  2. A

    Copy strings

    Tecnifibre Red code - Pros Pro Red Devil Tecnifibre Black code - Pros Pro Blackout Babolat RPM Blast - Volkl Cyclone Alu Power - Topsin Cyberflash/ Tourna Big Hitter Silver It would be great if everyone could carry on this list with other string copies/cheaper alternatives e.g. multi, natural...
  3. M

    Hairline Crack on Babolat Pure Aero

    @Babolat Official Can I send my Babolat Pure Aero in to be replaced because of the hairline crack? If so how to I begin about doing that? Thank You!
  4. M

    Kokkinakis hurt again???.... I was looking forward to his match with Nadal.

    What is up with Kokkinakis is he even a pro anymore? I never see him play...
  5. geoxtennis

    Wilson Ultra 100 vs Babalot Pure Aero Team

    I got to demo both of the racquets yesterday. Both of them seemed to offer incredible amounts of power. With the Wilson ultra I felt like I had enough power at the baseline but at the net I had good smashes or crappy valleys. I also had amazing serves with the ultra. I felt like the babalot was...