1. Rovesciarete

    The Downward Slide of Stefanos Tsitsipas’s Backhand Return by Jeff Sackmann

    A deep dive into the source of much pain…
  2. Rafa4LifeEver

    2023 Paris Open ATP master's 1000 R64 - Stanislas Wawrinka (SUI) v/s Dominic Thiem (AUT)

    A bit if nostalgia as 2 of the most powerful one-handed backhand players are about to collide, both removed from their best years, yet still showing sparks of good form here and there. Predict the result & scoreline, folks.
  3. bobeeto

    Tecnifibre 1HBH

    Not that brand matters for 1v2 hand backhand, but do any pro players with a 1HBH play Tecnifibre?? Anyone here like a tecnifibre racket for their One-ie??
  4. Zardoz7/12

    Alberto Berasategui's grip?

    What was his forehand grip? He was an unorthodox player if I recall.
  5. G

    Drills and advice on how to get to the ball earlier

    I have a player who is slow when going for the ball. Both FH and BH. When the ball comes and is ready to attack, he just waits too long and never gets in. How should I approach this? Work on explosion? what are your thoughts?
  6. E

    Neck flexibility limiting 2HBH

    I’ve been working on increasing my shoulder turn on my 2HBH for more power. I’m noticing that the main limitation on my shoulder turn is my neck flexibility. The only way for me to my shoulders beyond 11 o’clock is to take my eyes off the ball for a second to turn my head slightly to the left...
  7. E

    Loading leg on the 2 handed backhand

    I've been helping my wife with her 2hbh and was trying to get her to use more weight transfer to increase the consistency of her stroke, instead of arming the ball for power. I was having a hard time getting her to load on her back leg to hit a neutral-stance 2hbh. This video from OTI is one...
  8. C

    Rotation Axes & Racket Head Speed

    If there is a rotation axis and an object is rotating around that axis, the speed of the object is r (radius) X rotation rate Where the radius is found by first finding and drawing the axis, including extending the axis beyond the object. Then you just draw (or imagine) the radius...
  9. E

    Tennis elbow — causes and solutions — a personal story

    I don’t claim for this to be a definitive guide on the tennis elbow problems and solutions. Contrary, it is a personal testament, based on my (pretty methodical) self-observation, data collection and isolated cause-effect analysis. For impatient (tl;dr; ) — the main culprits were a) pressurless...
  10. Rafa4LifeEver

    Australian Open 2021 3rd Round match :- Dominic Thiem (world no. 3) versus Nicholas Kyrgious (world no. 47)

    These 2 players are meeting for the 2nd time only. Previous match was 6 years ago in Nice, France and unfortunately the young Australian had to retire after injury midway through the match. Thiem is the defending finalist at this event, having lost the 5 set thriller to Serbian superstar Novak...
  11. DeeeFoo

    One-handed backhand: index finger on strings?

    I'm still trying to learn the one-handed backhand, and watching videos of pro 1hbh players is something I like doing. I've noticed that some pro players rest the index finger of their non-dominant hand on the strings when preparing to hit a backhand. Whereas others just keep all their fingers on...
  12. S

    Returning player looking for feedback on my 2hbh (video)

    Hi all, I used to play tennis 2-3x a week growing up as a kid, it's about 10 years later and I'm trying to get back into it. Picked up a babolat pure drive and been hitting with my partner (she's much better than me) a few times a week for the last month. Having some trouble getting the...
  13. A

    My game sucks and I have no power, no spin, and lack consistency.

    I am a high school sophomore and have been playing for about 5 years now. I used to take group classes, and even a few private lessons, but have played primarily for school or with other people for the past 2 years. I played a lot of USTA last year and won a lot (I play in the Chicago area, it's...
  14. E

    Working on my backhand and need help.

    I never had a backhand and normally sliced to stay in points. I've been using a ball machine and the backhand is getting better, but I was hoping to get feedback. Please let me know if you have any tips or ideas that could help me out. Thanks. Backhand
  15. E

    One handed backhand with a continental / semi-eastern grip

    I still hit my one-handed backhand with an in-between continental and an eastern grip. I can hit a decent flat and slice with good control. Topspin backhand is not my forte. (I could also hit a decent 2H backhand in practice, but I have more confidence with 1H BH). When I switch to eastern, my...
  16. C

    The Scapula in Tennis Strokes

    The scapula and rib cage form a joint, called the scapulothoracic joint. But this joint does not have a bony connection to the rib cage. The scapula moves around on the rib cage. The scapula repositions the shoulder joint (glenohumeral joint) which is located on the scapula. The scapula is...
  17. L

    Which backhand do you use and why?

    I understand the general pros and cons of one handed vs two handed backhand. I am curious about the deciding factor that made you choose your backhand style. A little background: I am relatively new to tennis, and I picked up 2HBH first because it was easier to learn. After a few weeks, I...
  18. WilPro

    The better backhand than forehand fallacy

    Seen many amateurs claiming their backhand is better than their forehand. When it is true it is always because their forehand is crappy. The bad thing is the players suffering from a crappy forehand, are proud as if it was a good thing. Looked for threads over this forum and seen many claims...
  19. pico

    18 x 20 racquets and 1HBH advice.

    Hi guys. Recently I have been struggling with the one hand backhand with my 18 x 20 racquets. I play either a Gravity Pro or Phantom 93P. I find that I am either just hitting the net cord or getting my balls long. I find that I struggle with directional control as well. Yesterday, I switched to...
  20. Znak

    Straight arm on OHBH

    Do you guys use a straight arm on your OHBH à la Thiem, or have a slight bend like Fed? And out of curiosity, have out tried both and noticed differences?
  21. Znak

    WTA 2HBH Stance

    Out of curiosity, why do so many WTA players play their 2HBH out of this stance? I'm a OHBH so it's hard for me to relate... is it to generate more power or more of a defensive thing? Why do we see less of this by ATP players (or am I just not paying attention to it)?
  22. Stanzad

    What happened to Federer NEO backhand of 2017?

    He’s not the same player since Toronto/2017
  23. pico

    Hit one-hand backhand close to body?

    I was playing yesterday and I play with a one-hand backhand though this could apply to a double-hand too. I noticed that the closer I allowed my body to hit the ball (without being jammed), the more brush I could get on it and impart more spin. It created a more loopier ball but I liked it. Is...
  24. R

    Need Help on Slice Backhand

    No matter how much I practice the slice, or how many times I watch Federer slow mo, I always shank the slice. It either pops up, has no spin, or hits the frame. I've probably hit two good slice backhands in my entire life. Whereas my slice forehand is deadly if I hit it properly, it stays low...
  25. D

    Need tip'n'tricks for 7yo backhand basics

    Hi I'm looking for tips and drills to get my fun student 7 yo (play 1.5 times/ week for 4 months). His backhand now always goes to the right, I can't use my common language, as I see some lingo and cultural barriers, they fresh in US from Asia, so I'm looking to find some tips which can look...
  26. Kylo Reed

    Could Wawrinka Shorten His Take-back?

    First and foremost, I am a huge admirer of Wawrinka's one-handed backhand. If his ability on his backhand side does not astonish you enough yet, look no further than: However, I am also an avid student of the game who is always looking for knowledge to improve my game. So, I would love to...
  27. The Vitamin L

    Noob doubles set with my friends (1.0+)

    Hi everybody! I was able to squeeze in a doubles set with my brochachos the other night. One of the court lights was out and there were cars periodically flashing lights behind the forecourt so it made tracking the ball pretty tricky. I edited out most of the doubles faults and ball retrieving...
  28. DeepTopspinToBackhand

    Is nadal's backhand a good one to emulate

    People are always praising djokovics and nishikoris backhand but Rafa has been ripping his backhand lately and would it be a good idea to copy some aspects of it (shoulder turn, racket take back)
  29. DeepTopspinToBackhand

    How to get more power on two handed backhand

    I use a continental grip for my right hand and semi western for left, which is a topspin friendly grip. But my problem is hitting the backhand with pace. I have a good amount of spin and can aim the ball 4 or more feet above the net and still get it to land in. However, what can I do to add...
  30. DeepTopspinToBackhand

    What are the key points on a two handed backhand

    I am struggling with my backhand so can you write the basic key points to hitting a consistent two hander