1. The Vitamin L

    new video new racquet

    Back at it again. Finally bought a gorillapod to record some tennis. Very satisfied with both the gorillapod and the new racquet! Critiques on the tennis, video-on-fence positioning, attire, etc. are very welcome! Always willing to try new things slappin' da ball mini tennis for the warm up...
  2. TheMaestro1990

    Who has the greatest two-handed backhand in tennis history?

  3. pdizzy

    NTRP 3.5M looking to improve game to 4.0

    Looking for advice on my game to improve to 4.0. Feel free to follow me and comment on my progress videos below:
  4. ext2hander

    My one-hander vs two hander (video)

    ... Backhand, of course! My "extended" two-hand backhand has been my favorite shot, period. Not getting any taller or younger, one month to 71, so its time to resurrect my one-hand backhand that I hit for 20 years starting in the 1970s. Hence, for 2017 the one-hand backhand has been...
  5. Boom-Boom

    Paire looking good, will win Wimby

    currently on fire against a former SF... Gulbis, much improved FH and still a lethal BH Paire-Gulbis would be a fun final to watch :eek:
  6. Z

    One handed or two handed backhand?

    At this moment I have a one handed backhand but I am really skinny and my wrist sometimes hurt when I use my wrist too much on a shot. I used to have a two handed backhand and I'm trying to learn it again but it seems like I either hit the ball out because it dose not have enough topspin or I...
  7. 10isMaestro

    Small changes with big results

    I wanted to share with you my recent experience of some small adjustments that helped me a lot. I got to play a few times this week and I had some troubles with my strokes. I had an easier time hitting neat groundstrokes off both wing last year and the feel didn't seem to get back. My forehand...
  8. Devin

    Federer's Game Ranked By The Years

    I couldn't think of a better name for this thread, and I didn't find any threads addressing this already. That being said, what do you guys think was Federer's best year for the following aspects of his game? Serve Forehand Backhand (Topspin and slice) Return of Serve Footwork/Speed (Court...
  9. guanzishou

    Robert Federer was the first person to tell Federer to drive his backhand more

    Robert and Lynnette Federer are established tennis players themselves. Kudos for them for producing one the best champions that tennis has ever witnessed ============= FEDERER'S BACKHAND WAS LIT IN INDIAN WELLS WIN OVER NADAL MAR 16, 2017 by Nina Pantic Roger Federer was on fire on...
  10. J

    Backhand Tips

    Hey friends, Trying to improve my backhand - can you give me some tips? In the past my my arms were more bent on contact, so i've tried having more straight arms on contact. I think i've improved but its still not quite where it needs to be. Any tips, advice would be great. Thanks. (Also...
  11. Erlang

    How to build strength on backhand side?

    Sort of new to this. I am struggling big time on the backhand side. The shots are very weak. I feel like I can't get any racquet head speed on my one-handed BH. Even the slice is so weak that it occasionally results in an accidental drop shot. One handed backhand volleys are a struggle too I...
  12. M

    One handed backhand practice - tips needed

    Hi all, I am trying to fix my backhand. I often feel I lack power. I always thought I am not turning enough, but by looking at this video, it seems to me like I am turning too much. I don't know anymore. Please share your tips and problems you see here. I know I have too big loop :) But it seems...
  13. stephan_58

    Roger Federer All Backhand Winners Australian Open 2017 Final

    I made this compilation of all backhand groundstroke winners from Roger Federer in the final. Enjoy.
  14. M

    One handed backhand - should I use more extreme grip?

    I was trying to find some answers here and I did some. However, I would like to know more and see what you guys think. The video I posted here has been of great help for my strokes. Especially on forehand side. But now, I would like to work on my backhand a bit more. I am currently in doubt on...