1. E

    Forehand approach backswing

    I was working on forehand approach shots with a coach at the Nadal Centre last week. Since I have a pretty big backswing on my forehand, the coach suggested two possible techniques. Either 1) Start the backswing early while moving toward the ball or 2) Use a shorter backswing, similar to what...
  2. F

    Forehand over the head backswing

    What do you think are the benefits of that kind of "over the head" backswing on the forehand? The racket face goes over the head and strings point almost to the sky. Gonzo did it: Osaka is doing it (but going directly into the fully laid back wrist position): Djokovic does it in a milder...
  3. DeeeFoo

    1HBH takeback/backswing: Straight arm or bent arm?

    It's been about 3 months since I dedicated myself to learning the 1hbh, and I'm still a bit undecided at this fork in the road. On the takeback or backswing, would it be better to keep the arm straight from the beginning? Or have it a little bent, and straighten it out before contact? Obviously...